Multiple Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Research Positions at HZB

The HZB research into complex material systems for an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply of the future. Around 1,100 people work in all different fields at the locations. HZB offer you an international environment, an excellent scientific infrastructure and attractive prospects for professional development. Below are Seven Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships. If you don’t see a vacancy for a position that suits you, then simply ask us informally about your options for working here, or come back to this page later to check out any new openings.

application until 28.11.2018    EM 2018/26 

Postdoctoral Scientist (f/m)

application until 03.12.2018    EE 2018/37 

Postdoctoral scientist (f/m) in the field of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Material Sciences or Chemistry

application until 12.12.2018    NP 2018/14 

Postdoctoral Scientist (f/m) in the field of Physics

application until 12.12.2018    EM 2018/29 

PostDoc for Ex-situ analysis and assessment of lithium sulfur batteries


application until 30.11.2018    EE 2018/35 

PhD Student (f/m) Diploma or Master in the field of Chemistry, Physics or Engineering

application until 07.12.2018    EE 2018/36 

PhD Student (f/m) in the field of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Sciences, Chemistry or closely related discipline

application until 15.12.2018    FG 2018/14 

2 PhD students (m/f) (MSc in Physics or Chemistry) in cryogenic gas-phase XAS and XMCD studies of organometallic compounds, transition metal clusters, and complex ions

Scientific assistant

application until 31.12.2018    A 2018/2 

Studentische Mitarbeiterin /studentischen Mitarbeiter


application until 31.10.2018    FG 2018/10 

Technician/mechatronics engineer (f/m) in the field of cryogenics/refrigeration technology

application until 30.11.2018    NP 2018/15 

Power Electronics Engineer (m/f)

application until 31.12.2018    FG 2018/12 

High Frequency Engineer (BA degree) (f/m) at electron accelerators


application until 17.12.2018    IT 2018/9 

IT Client Administrator

application until 31.12.2018    IT 2018/1 

Student Assistant (f/m)


application until 30.11.2018    NP 2018/13 

Secretary (f/m) for the Department Operation and Decommissioning BER II


application until 30.11.2018    IT 2018/5 

Student (f/m) for a Dual Course of Studies in Informatics

application until 31.01.2019    NP 2018/11 

Apprentices as Precision Mechanic (f/m)

application until 10.02.2019    A 2018/5 

Auszubildende zur Kauffrau/zum Kaufmann für Büromanagement

application until 28.02.2019    IT 2018/7 

Apprentices as system integration IT specialist (f/m) with additional qualification

application until 31.03.2019    FM 2018/6 

Apprentices (f/m) as cook

application until 31.03.2019    FM 2018/7 

Apprentices (f/m) as specialist in the hospitality services industry

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