Girls’ Education Development Grant: Call for Letters of Interest

cropped-DSC_6354-500k.jpgThe Stone Family Foundation is seeking letters of interest for a two-year project in a developing country in support of girls’ education. The Foundation intends to support a project (or projects) that utilize holistic support to girls to develop their self-awareness, voice, and knowledge in order to equip them to participate fully in decision making in their families, communities, and countries.

Projects may focus on girls in primary or secondary-level schooling. Projects can propose activities not directly tied to a formal educational system but the activity must demonstrate that it supports a girl’s success in obtaining skills that will help her to succeed and become an active, educated, and engaged member of her society.

Activities must demonstrate a specific approach to supporting girls. If a project supports boys and girls there must be specific activities, initiatives, and methods outlined in the proposal to address the unique challenges that girls face. Projects may be part of a larger program implemented by the grantee and do not need to be stand-alone activities. The Stone Family Foundation will give consideration to those activities that are pilot projects, one-off efforts, or new initiatives.

The Foundation will give added consideration to projects that work in post-conflict or transitional environments with at-risk girls and young women to provide structure, support, and opportunities to them as their communities seek to rebuild themselves, invest in their girls, and develop long-term solutions to developing stable environments. Projects for activities in the United States will not be considered.

Award amount: Not to exceed $500,000 for a two-year project with $250,000 disbursed in Year One

Eligible organizations are only those recognized as 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service. Only organizations that submit LOIs will be considered for an invitation to submit a full proposal.

In order to be considered, an organization must submit a letter of interest (LOI) of no
more than two pages outlining the proposed activity. In addition to an outline of the
suggested approach, the LOI should include a description of why the organization
believes the proposed program will meet the desired results.

The LOI should include the estimated number of beneficiaries including the number of
individuals, schools, communities, etc.
The LOI must outline any key partnerships including in-country implementers if different from the applying organization. This should also include brief description of the responsibilities of the partner. Any LOI longer than two pages will not be considered. The LOI must be signed by the executive director or other comparable officer of the organization.

An organization may only submit one LOI. The application can be accompanied by copies of brochures and other publicly distributed materials which describe the present activities of the organization. An invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding.

Deadline for the LOI: July 1, 2018.

An electronic copy of the completed application should be emailed to the Foundation at:

Any questions can be directed to:

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