Postgraduate Scholars and Post-Docs are invited to register for an Academic Journal Writing course. Supervisors and others who are co-authoring with postgraduate scholars and Post-Doc colleagues are warmly invited to attend too.

This short course provides a wonderful opportunity to develop a journal article in a structured space with a supportive community of scholars.

Academic Journal Writing Course 2 in 2019

Phase 1: 7 & 8 May
Phase 2: 28 May
Phase 3: 26 July

9am to 4pm each day.

During the session, authors work on their articles, and obtain feedback, providing a supportive mechanism for reflexive development of an academic paper. A Rhodes University ‘Certificate of Competence’ is issued once articles have been submitted to a journal.

Watch a short video about the course here:

Please only sign up if you are able to attend the whole course!
It is essential that you are able to attend the whole course.

Visit the official link to register


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