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In accordance with the objectives set forth in its Constitution, the Aero Club of New England has established a scholarship program to encourage and help support careers within aviation. Scholarships are awarded annually to recipients selected on the basis of merit and need. The Aero Club’s growing scholarship program provides a wonderful way for the Club and donors to assist deserving young people while forging lasting relationships that provide support and inspiration.

Years of Success
In the spring of 1984, Aero Club member Anne Baddour began a small Education Scholarship Program. In 1987, we awarded our first two scholarships for advanced pilot training with a value of $2,000 each. More than three decades later, thanks to the hard work of the Aero Club Education Committee, the generosity of the membership in supporting the Scholarship Auctions, and the generosity of specific members who have donated money or established memorial scholarships, the Aero Club has awarded scholarships totaling more than $500,000 to nearly 400 women, men, and students.


Our scholarships have expanded in scope to include students interested in maintenance technologies for aircraft and powerplant.  Most recently, we have added the area of aviation management.


We salute and thank all who have worked to make this important part of the Aero Club a continued success.


Scholarship Timeline
A simplified timeline of how our Scholarship Program is given here. The yearly process begins in the Fall, when the Education committee sets the number of scholarships and their amounts.  Applications are printed and distributed to flight schools throughout New England in January, as well as posted on our website.


Students fill out the applications in February and March and must return them by the deadline, March 31.  In April, received applications are reviewed; in May, candidates are interviewed, and in June, the winners are announced.


Scholarship recipients then have one-full year, from July 1 to the following end of June, to pursue their studies and use their scholarships.  Unused monies, if any, revert back to the Aero Club treasury.  Students may reapply in subsequent years.
Sources of Funding

The Aero Club of New England Scholarship Fund is dependent upon the generosity of its benefactors for support.  Member donations and scholarship fundraisers help fund the scholarships.  In addition, some folks have chosen to fund a named scholarship to honor a friend, colleague, or loved one.

We invite anyone with an interest in supporting the Future of Aviation to donate to the scholarship program, either directly or by participating in our fundraising events. All donations are tax deductible.


We also invite you to consider endowing a new scholarship to honor someone special within your life, or to include a bequest to the Aero Club of New England Scholarship Fund as part of your estate planning.  To establish your own honorary scholarship, please contact the Education Committee here.

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