Start in time with your RNTC scholarship application. The deadline to register for OKP or MSP scholarships via our website is 14 March 2019 16:00 CET. Apply early as you will need to complete your application in two phases and the registration on our website is just the first eligibility phase.

1.    Register with RNTC to check that you are eligible for the course you would like to do. You can register for a course by selecting a course. Make clear in your registration that you are intending to apply for an OKP or MSPfellowship. Note that you can only apply for a scholarship for your chosen course during the scholarship application window for that course. There are two or three of these scholarship windows open every year.

2.    Once you have submitted your registration, RNTC will inform you by email whether you are eligible for a scholarship or not (usually within 10 working days).

3.    If you are eligible for the scholarship, RNTC will send you a link by email to apply for a OKP or MSP fellowship in the ATLAS online system. This is where you complete your scholarship application.

Please note that your OKP or MSP application has to be completed and submitted in one go via ATLAS! Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make changes or additions.

4.    Before applying for a OKP or MSP scholarship via ATLAS, make sure you have all the documents mentioned below ready. Please use the formats provided by Nuffic and submit all the required documents EXACTLY as specified. Otherwise, your application will be rejected by Nuffic! The file format should be PDF and your document must not exceed 2 MB.

  • Copy of a valid passport. The passport needs to be still valid at least three months after the submission date of the registration form.

  • A Letter of motivation. Have this prepared so you can copy/paste it into the online application form. This can be more or less the same motivation as you prepared for your RNTC application. This motivation will weigh heavily in the selection procedure. Make sure you address the following questions:

    • ​What is the issue or problem you want to address in your country?

    • How will this course enable you to address this issue?

    • How will you address this issue considering your position within your organisation?

  • An Employer’s Statement. This is a very important document, please fill it out EXACTLY as specified by Nuffic and use this format provided by Nuffic. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DOCUMENT CONSISTS OF TWO PAGES, BOTH HAVE TO BE FILLED IN, SIGNED & STAMPED.

  • A Government Statement (if applicable for your country). A number of governments of OKP and MSP countries require a government statement before candidates can apply for a scholarship. In this statement, the government expresses its support for the scholarship application. Please check this overview to see if this applies for your country. Also, it’s always good to check this with your government and/or the Netherlands embassy. If a government statement is required for your country, please use

    provided by Nuffic for OKP countries and

    , if you are from a MSP country.

5.     Download and read the OKP and MSP registration instructions for ATLAS.

6.    If you are certain that you are eligible for an OKP or MSP scholarship and you have collected all the necessary information and documentation, you can start with your application in Nuffic’s ATLAS online application system using the online application form link that was sent to you.


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