Sida-sponsored scholarships (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)

Sida supports a number of grants and stipends for students and teachers at universities, colleges and vocational schools. Although all these scholarships are funded by Sida, they are administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, where you can also find more information about the application process.

Minor Field Studies (MFS) (in Swedish)  is a scholarship programme for field studies in developing countries. It is intended for students at universities and university colleges with an international interest, who wish to gather material for their Bachelor or Master dissertations for periods of 8-10 weeks. It aims to provide Swedish students with the opportunity to build up their knowledge of developing countries and development issues.

Linnaeus-Palme (in Swedish) is an exchange programme for university teachers and students. The first part, Linnaeus, enables Swedish teachers and students to study in developing countries. The second part, Palme, offers teachers and students in developing countries the chance to come to Sweden. The purpose is to strengthen Swedish teaching institutions’ co-operation with universities in developing countries in order to further global contacts in the university world.

Athena is a programme for global exchange within vocational education and training. Currently it is not possible to apply for Athena grants.

Sida’s travel grant for internships is aimed at increasing the number of young Swedes holding international positions in development work promoted by Sweden. Currently it is not possible to apply for travel grants.

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