Over 70 UNICEF Vacancies Across Africa

Four childrenBelow are over 70 UNICEF Vacancies across Africa. Click on each position for details and to apply on the job website.

Madagas Associe aux Technologies de l’information, 16/Apr
Cameroon Chief Child Protection, (P4), Yaounde, 15/Apr
Zimbab National consultants, Assessment of blood… 12/Apr
 Angola Consultancy, Situation Analysis of Nutrition Policy 13/Apr
 Niger TA Human Resources Officer, P2, Niamey/Niger 15/Apr
 Somalia Programme Associates, 18/Apr
Ethiopia Administrative Assistant 13/Apr
Ethiopia Education in Emergency Specialist, 12/Apr
Ethiopia Nutrition Specialist,NO-C,Temporary Position 12/Apr
Ethiopia Senior Social Policy Specialist-P5, (Re-advertised) 16/Apr
Niger Consultation analyse approfondie de la situation   19/Apr
S. Leone HACT Programme Officer (NO-B) Freetown, 17/Apr
Niger Chief Communication for Development, P4, 18/Apr
S. Sudan National Consultant Boma Health Initiative (BHI) 13/Apr
S. Sudan Consultant Nat Community Health Mgt Info System) 13/Apr
S. Sudan Internship on conduct quality check of procurement 23/Apr
Benin Consultant national Expert Junior administrateur 12/Apr
Chad Chief of Communication, N’Djamena, Chad FT, P4 12/Apr
Angola Chief Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, P-4 15/Apr
Eq. Guin Programme Assistant, GS5, Malabo Equatorial Guinea, 19/Apr
 Chad Consult Revision Et Budgetisation De La Feuille De  18/Apr
 Zambia HIV/AIDS Specialist, P4, Temporary Appointment , 17/Apr
 Malawi Chief Health, P4, Lilongwe, Malawi 01/May
 Malawi Chief of Operations, P4, Lilongwe, Malawi 01/May
 Madagas Consultant Expert en Décentralisation, STEAH … 21/Apr
 Ethiopia Social Protection Specialist, P-3, Temporary, 23/Apr
 Kenya Chief Child Protection 30/Apr
 Rwanda Intl Consultancy to document the Child Protection, 15/Apr
 Somalia Programme Patnership Officer (PME), NO-A, , 18/Apr
Senegal Human Resources Officer DAKAR & Libreville 17/Apr
 Malawi National Consult Safe Schools and Social Work 17/Apr
 Uganda Communication Services -Editors and Writters 23/Apr
 Uganda Communication Services- Videography for   23/Apr
 Uganda  Communication Services – Photography for   23/Apr
 Uganda  Communication Services -Graphics Design for   23/Apr
 Uganda Communication Services -Video Producer for   23/Apr
 Uganda Communication Services- Micro-site developer 23/Apr
Tanzania Programme Associate, GS6, Dar es Salaam, 12/Apr
 Kenya Education Specialist, # 90614 (Readvertisement) 12/Apr
 Somalia Health Specialist (PPRI),Mogadishu, Somalia #105629 16/Apr
 Somalia Health Specialist (Cold Chain), Somalia #105630 11/Apr
 Somalia Health Manager – Child Health/Immunization, P-4, 15/Apr
 S. Leone National Consult Study Vulnerable Childn Protection 16/Apr
Senegal Consultant CPiE Specialist, (Sexual Exploitation, Abuse 16/Apr
S. Leone Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Education) P-2, 16/Apr
Senegal Health Specialist/Polio , (P4), Dakar, WCARO, 23/Apr
 Mali 2 Positions): Child Protection Specialist FT, P-3, 25/Apr
CAR Chief Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 21/Apr
S.Sudan Education Officer, NO-B, Warrap,   24/Apr
Zimb Internship, Supply & Logistics 16/Apr
DRC Re-advertisement : Chief Field Office FT, P-5, Goma, 16/Apr
CAR Operations Specialist/Internal Control 21/Apr
Nigeria International Construction Engineer For Eu Mnchn 12/Apr
DRC Consultance РUn (e) Associ̩ (e) aux Op̩rations, G 12/Apr
Ghana National Con – Strategic Plan for DCD and DSW 19/Apr
South Consultancy: Communications – Youth Engagement 19/Apr
Chad Recrutement d’un(e) chargé(e) de Gestion de l’Info 13/Apr
Somalia Communication for Development Officer, NOB, 11/Apr
Somalia Communication for Development Officer, NO-B, 11/Apr
Somalia Communication for Development Officer, NO-B, , 11/Apr
Somalia Nutrition Specialist (IMAM and Partnership), NO-C, 11/Apr
Somalia Programme Supply & Logistics Officer (Nutrition), 11/Apr
Chad Warehouse Associate, GS6 N’Djamena, Chad, FT 11/Apr
DRC Emergency Specialist-RRM, P-3, TA, Kalemie 13/Apr
Chad Intl Consult pour la Conceptualisation-Finalisations… 13/Apr
DRC Spécialiste de lâ??Education, FT (NOC), 15/Apr
S.Sudan Child Protection Specialist (GBV) FT, P-4, Juba, 23/Apr
S.Sudan TA: Child Protection Officer, P-2, Juba, 24/Apr
Malawi Internship: Social Protection Officer 19/Apr



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