Over 30 Jobs for Internationals at MIMU, Myanmar


Below is the list of current jobs for internationals at MIMU Myanmar. Click on the download for each position to see details.

Programme Manager Download 20-Apr-2018
Operational Coordinator Download 20-Apr-2018
Consultant (GTHRAM) Download 07-May-2018
Professional English Language Editor (Retainer) Download 23-Apr-2018
Consultancy for Final Evaluation Download 27-Apr-2018
Project Manager, Sustainable Production (Re-annouced) Download 24-Apr-2018
Finance Strengthening Systems Consultant Download 15-Apr-2018
Consortium Manager (Durable Peace Programme) Download 25-Apr-2018
Invitation to Tender: Delivery of Services related to Vocational Skills Training… Download 04-May-2018
Programme Officer (Decent Work and Labour Mobility) Download 18-Apr-2018
Programme Support Officer Download 25-Apr-2018
Adjunct Faculty English Language Instructor Download 31-May-2018
Consultancy: Project Endline Evaluation Download 20-Apr-2018
Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Analyst (Consultancy) Download 03-May-2018
International Consultant for the Review of Curriculum for Population Studies Download 19-Apr-2018
C1.4-3a International Procurement Advisor Download 20-Apr-2018
Consultancy Announcement (Feasibility Study with Concept Note Design) Download 10-Apr-2018
Head of Resource Mobilization Download 16-Apr-2018
Consultancy Alliance Research Capacity Building Download 12-Apr-2018
Consultancy for Impact Study Download 01-May-2018
Regional Coordinator – Health Programme, Asia Download 30-Apr-2018
Programme Coordinator Download 18-Apr-2018
Grants Manager Download 16-Apr-2018
Country Director, Myanmar Download 12-Apr-2018
Consultant Download 18-Apr-2018
Research Consultant – Nutrition & Resilience Download 10-Apr-2018
Adjunct Faculty English Language Instructor Download 31-May-2018
Research Instructor/Mentor Download 18-Apr-2018
Program Coordinator/Instructor Download 18-Apr-2018
Program Director Download 30-Apr-2018
Adjunct Faculty English Language Instructor Download 31-May-2018
Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor Download 18-Apr-2018
Consulting Services from an International Partner University to design an Educat… Download 20-Apr-2018
Regional Program Managers Download 30-Apr-2018


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