Global Grants Programme


The Allen & Overy Foundation makes donations to charitable causes around the world.

The Foundation is funded by contributions from A&O partners worldwide and, through the Global Grants Programme, supports:

  • Our global charity partnership 
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Charities that address our core themes of access to justice, education and employment

Three or four charities will be awarded grants of approximately GBP50, 000 in Summer 2018. Grantees will also be given an allocation of up to 100 volunteering hours of pro bono and / or community investment time, subject to capacity and agreement with the pro bono and community investment team. 

Making an application to the Allen & Overy Foundation

To apply, charities should submit a letter of no more than two pages, demonstrating: 

  • how the project is aligned to A&O’s key themes of access to justice, education and employment (the project does not need to address all themes)
  • the project to be funded and its anticipated impact and achievements, including how the project will be sustainable
  • how A&O’s support will result in the organisational development  / capacity-building of the charity to enable the charity to deliver long-term impact
  • opportunities for staff involvement, including legal pro bono or other professional skills volunteering. Please note that staff fundraising and / or visits to see the project on the ground are not included in this. Applications which have strong existing or potential pro bono and community volunteering opportunities will be given preference.  

Charities must also include details of: 

  • the amount requested and a basic overview of how the grant will be spent
  • the organisation’s legal status and whether it is incorporated as a charity
  • annual income and total number of staff
  • the name of an Allen & Overy partner or staff member supporting the application (this is essential)

Applicants should demonstrate that the project will be delivered in an area of considerable need, for example countries in the bottom rankings of the UNDP’s Multidimensional Poverty Index. The A&O Foundation is open to supporting innovative projects that will enable the charity to pilot a new approach. It is also open to supporting projects where the charity is the only organisation using this methodology to bring about social change.

The Allen & Overy Foundation will accept applications for up to three years of successive funding (i.e. a maximum of GBP150,000 over three years). It will also accept applications from charities previously supported with a one-year grant from the Foundation. Charities that have received three-year grants must wait three years after the last year of the grant period before applying again.

In recognition of the amount of funding available, the Foundation will consider part-funding projects.

Charities may ring-fence 20% of the grant for core funding (not necessarily related to the project funded).

Please note that the Allen & Overy Foundation only supports organisations and is unable to support applications from individuals.

The Global Grants Programme is now accepting applications from charities. The deadline is 27 February 2018.

If you would like to apply, or for further information, please send your application to

Before making an application or requesting further information, please read the FAQs on the right-hand side.


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