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Free Course on the Ethics of Eating

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You face a difficult moral decision every time you decide what to eat. What impact should animal rights have on your decision? Is the suffering involved in meat, egg and dairy production bad enough that you should go vegan? How do your food choices affect the economy and the environment? Should you become a locavore? Should you eat only sustainably produced, “farm to table” food? Or is factory-farmed food more efficient and ultimately better for the environment? Continue reading “Free Course on the Ethics of Eating”


Free Course on Health and Wellness

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This course is part of Global Freshman Academy (GFA), which means you can earn transferable ASU credit toward your college degree. This 3 credit health and wellness course focuses on the latest trends in health, nutrition, physical activity, and wellness. From stress management and sleep to overall wellbeing, we will explore personal health, health related attitudes and beliefs, and individual health behaviors.  Continue reading “Free Course on Health and Wellness”

Free Nutrition and Health Course: Micronutrients and Malnutrition

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There is an overload of information about nutrition and health, but what is the truth and what can you do to improve the health of your patients? Learn more about nutrition and how our diet profoundly impacts our current and future health. This course addresses the relationship between nutrition and human health, with a focus on health problems related to malnutrition. Continue reading “Free Nutrition and Health Course: Micronutrients and Malnutrition”

Free Nutrition and Health Course: Food Risks

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Everyday reports of food scandals and recalls are published. One day it’s scary bacteria in meat, and another day it’s dangerous pesticides in fruits. According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances. Continue reading “Free Nutrition and Health Course: Food Risks”