KIX funding announced for research to scale education innovations

IDRC has awarded CA$34.2 million to 12 projects that aim to strengthen national education systems in more than 40 low and middle-income countries.

Children in front of an assembly hall at a primary school in Mombasa, Kenya.


The 12 projects were selected to take forward the ambitious mission of the Global Partnership for Education’s Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) to test, adapt, and scale proven education innovations in low and middle-income countries worldwide. Implemented by IDRC, KIX seeks to strengthen national education systems and accelerate educational progress in the Global South.

These 12 multi-regional projects, which will launch over the coming months, will focus on five thematic areas: teaching and learningearly childhood care and educationequity and inclusiondata systems, and learning assessment systems. The projects aim to scale specific innovations within and across a range of Global Partnership for Education member countries. In so doing, they will support knowledge mobilization to inform education policy and practice, strengthen the capacity of various education stakeholders, and fill gaps in knowledge on scaling education innovations.

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