SAGE Concept Grants: Applications open for 2020

SAGE’s Concept Grant program has been developed to fund innovative software solutions that support social science researchers to work with big data and new technologies.

£15,000 TO SCALE UP


We are seeking proposals for software tools that will tackle some of the challenges currently facing social scientists and enable more researchers to engage with computational methods.


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Your proposal might look to support one or more of the following goals:

  • Support social scientists to develop new computational skills

  • Enable social scientists who do not have programming skills to analyze data at scale

  • Enable interdisciplinary research collaborations

  • Help researchers to get credit for software development

  • Open up access to vast data sets

There are two grant amounts available: £15,000 to scale up, and £2,000 for new ideas.

To qualify to £15,000, you need to have:

  • A prototype of your tool or a minimum viable product that we can test

  • A plan for scaling up, i.e. testing a sustainability and operational model and acquire more users

To qualify for £2,000, you need to have:

  • A solution for a challenge that fits within the goals above

  • A plan for a minimum viable product or prototype that you can build quickly and get it ready for testing with the target users

For both grant amounts, we will look favorably on ideas that have wide-scale applicability within the social sciences and that will help further SAGE Ocean’s mission to equip social scientists with the skills, tools, and resources to work with big data and new technology.

Apply now

To submit an application for a SAGE Concept Grant, download and complete a Product Proposal via the links below and upload it in your application when prompted. There are separate Product Proposals for each grant amount; please ensure you have completed the correct one.

Applications are open to all, regardless of country of residence.


Deadline for applications: 23 February 2020.

SAGE Concept Grants are available to fund direct project costs, but not overheads. Direct project costs include software development, market research, workshops, server’/hosting costs, and equipment.

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