Wellcome Trust 4 Year PhD Studentship Programme at Leicester University

Departments: Health Sciences Genetics Cardiovascular Sciences Leicester Law School Molecular and Cell Biology

Application deadline: 5th December 2019. Interviews to take place in January 2020

Start date: 28th September 2020


PhD Studentships in the areas of Genomic Epidemiology and Public Health Genomics

This is a brand new programme for Leicester, with support from the Wellcome Trust, which can support up to eight students per year (5 intakes). Studentship projects will be available in the following areas:

  1. Genomics for drug development & pharmacogenetics (Lead: Louise Wain): drug target discovery, target validation, drug repurposing, enabled with established partnerships with leading pharmaceuticals.
  2. Genomics for precision medicine in underserved populations (Lead: Martin Tobin): unique opportunities for novel research with our collaborators in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Brazil and India.
  3. Genetically informed causal inference in epidemiology (Lead: Frank Dudbridge): development of methods exploiting genetic data and relatedness to strengthen causal inference in observational research.
  4. Ethical, legal and social implications of genomics and genomic epidemiology studies (Lead: Natalie Armstrong): bringing together our expertise in sociology, psychology, heath services research, medical law, and ethics.Genetically informed causal inference in epidemiology (Lead: Frank Dudbridge): development of methods exploiting genetic data and relatedness to strengthen causal inference in observational research

Meet the Theme Leads

There will be unique opportunities to undertake research placements in Industry with partners: AstraZeneca; Genentech; GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer.

There are also opportunities for students to work with partners in lower-middle income countries.

This is a flexible trainee centred programme with a wide range of skills development, both subject specific and career enhancing.

There will also be 2-3 places for students to take a 1 year Masters (with UK fee waiver) followed by a fully funded 4 year PhD. Further details can be found here

Available projects

Please see details of available PROJECTS

Alternatively, you may propose your own project. In this case we would strongly encourage you to co-develop a project with proposed supervisor(s) in advance of your application.

Further information about the Wellcome Trust PhD Programme can be found here


Studentships can include the following:

  • Stipend for the PhD: Year 1 £19,919; Year 2  £21,542; Year 3 £23,298; Year 4  £23,997 (rates as of September 2019)
  • 4 year PhD fee waiver at UK/EU rates
  • International applicants will need to ensure they can pay the difference between UK and International fees for the duration of their studies.
  • For up to 2 students per year from low-and-middle-income countries we offer a 4 year studentship with full international fee waiver and stipend as above.
  • Scope for a fee waiver for a Master’s degree in advance of the PhD studies
  • Induction programme, cohort-building and core training
  • Funding for training, research costs directly related to the studentship and a contribution towards project related travel
  • A generous transition fund, focused on preparing students for their subsequent careers – this could for example provide for a student-driven choice of employment placement after submission of their PhD
  • Research placements in industry, or that address the priorities of low and middle income countries (LMICs)

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