International Scholarship for Women 2020-2021

In the United States (US) Universities, the International Scholarship for Women (ISW) will be granted to the women for full-time research or study. At recognized Canadian or U.S. institutes, both graduates, as well as postgraduate educations, are supported under this scholarship sponsored by SheBegan Women’s Magazine. Since 1998, international Scholarship for Women (ISW) has been existing. The international scholarship for women (ISW) program offers sponsorship for women studying full-time graduate, undergraduate, or postdoctoral programs in the U.S.A. The full education funding grants are offered to the women of all countries other than Iran, to study in U.S. Universities and exemption for the women, those are ISW institution members.


First preference will be given to the women that prove prior dedication to the charitable or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields and also to the women through professional, community, or civic work.

International Scholarships for Women

International Scholarship for Women Sponsorship Coverage

  • Health insurance in sponsorship with Sunlife insurance company
  • Expense on Return flight: US$1600 (Once per anum)
  • Undergraduate degree sponsorship: US$18,000
  • Master’s/first professional degree sponsorship: US$28,000
  • Doctoral degree sponsorship: US$26,000
  • Postdoctoral degree sponsorship: US$32,000
  • Books & Literature expense: US$1000 per year
  • Monthly stipend of US$1200 for an undergraduate student, US$1600 for Master student, US$1800 for Doctoral Student and flexible package for post-doctorate student

International Scholarship for women sponsorship is NOT offered for the following purposes:

  • Academic Research Paper Publication costs
  • Scholarships-in-aid for under a complete academic year or traveling scholarships
  • Research assistants expenditure
  • Tuition for dependent’s education
  • Purchase of equipment in the laboratory or experimentation
  • Travelling to or from a fellow’s home nation above once a year
  • Institutional expenses (overheads)
  • Previous overheads, arrears, or repayment of loans
  • Indirect costs of travel or conference expense
  • Institutional (overhead) expenses

International Scholarship for Women 2020-2021 Session intake Timeline and eligible Countries

Eligible women interested to get funding for education in the U.S. have two chances in 2020 to submit the application. The deadline for the selection of the first batch is April 20, 2020, and the deadline for the second batch is June 30, 2020. All the applications will be screened first to sort eligible and deserving candidates on top of the list and then those candidates may receive web-based interview call letters for the evaluation of final selection.

Women from all countries except Iran are eligible to apply for both sessions in 2020. Start here with your applications for the ISW scholarship.


International Scholarship for Women (ISW) is not just offered to former receivers of any (ISW) affiliated sponsorship but also to the new talent. Officers and Members of the Board of Managers of ISW are not entitled to request for Shebegan Magazine or ISW sponsored fellowships & grants. Volunteers with authority in decision-making in ISW or Shebegan Magazine or ISW employees are also not eligible for this scholarship.

  • Applicants who are unsuccessful could reapply.

ISW Scholarship Applicants should meet the following norms to become entitled to the International Fellowship:

  • Except for Iran ISW sponsorship is available for the women from any other country.
  • Age requirement for degree programs depends on the University requisites.
  • Hold an educational grade (received abroad or in the U.S.) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. for enrollment application on master’s program, hold a degree equivalent to a master degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral grade program, or hold a valid doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.
  • Committed to dedicate herself to the intended educational plan, if selected. A commitment letter needs to be signed by the candidate upon receiving the ISW Scholarship.
  • Plan to go back to her home nation to take up a professional occupation.
  • Be competent in English. Unless the candidate can confirm that her resident lingo is English (statement required in writing), that she obtained her undergraduate degree or secondary diploma that was taught in English language (transcript needed), or that she needs to submit a letter that provides evidence of her work as a full-time researcher enrolled in English taught program (transcript needed – English Proficiency Certificate needed), IELTS, or English language proficiency evidence is mandatory.
  • By April 15, 2020, the candidate must have received a conditional admission letter from a U.S. University.
  • Master’s professional-grade fellowships are meant for professional or master’s degree-level curriculums, for example, MS, L.L.M., J.D., Arch. Or M.F.A., or medical degrees, for instance, D.D.S., M.D., etc.
  • Doctoral fellowships are meant for Ph.D. degrees, for instance, Ed.D or Ph.D.
  • Postdoctoral candidates should present evidence of their doctorate degrees; holding a doctorate graded as a research degree (for example, M, D.B.A. Ed.D., Ph.D.,) or by April 15. 2020 an M.F.A.; & specify University and laboratory name where the candidate will carry out their research study.
  • Candidates should be enrolled in a full-time degree program. ISW does not offer sponsorship for a part-time course or research or study.
  • ISW does not provide sponsorship for distance-learning programs, language courses, exchange program courses and short duration courses.

Selection Criteria

The Panel of International Scholarship for women (ISW) once in a year meets for reviewing applications to disburse funding for deserving students. ISW Grants are awarded on the criteria of selection and eligibility standards summarized on this page. Suggestions by the review panel are conditional and dependent on final sanction by the Board of Directors of ISW. In keeping with finances available in a particular financial year, fellowships are granted on a competitive base. No provisos exist for a reexamination of award proposals once the board has proceeded with their decision, but the rejected candidates are given a second chance to reapply in next batch of the international women scholarship award. ISW doesn’t offer assessments of unsuccessful or successful applications publically other than the criteria listed on this page. Supporting documents & applications become the sole possessions of ISW & will neither be returned to the candidates.

  • Candidate living in a home nation at the time of submission will get special attention
  • Commitment on returning to the home nation
  • Professional or Academic education scores
  • Volunteer work in women empowerment niche
  • Clearly projected time schedule to carry out research
  • Feasibility & Quality of the projected plan of research or study.
  • Verified proof of previous community services in the home nation.
  • Candidate’s country’s requirement for specialized learning or skill
  • The fiscal need-based requirement for the award
  • Inspiration for graduate research with a flare of previous relevant work
  • The candidate is from an understated part of the nation and/or kind of university excluding a most highly ranked research institute.

By April 15, 2020, candidates should have received the equivalent of bachelor’s degree & should have applied in their suggested institutes in order to apply for an undergrad women scholarship at ISW. Similarly, master and doctoral degree applicants must have scored a conditional offer letter from US University. Whereas, post-doctorate applicants are required to produce an appointment letter from the laboratory where the research will be carried out.

Recipients of this scholarship for women are chosen for demonstrated commitment & academic achievements. Recipients of ISW Scholarship must go back to their home country to become front-runners in academia, business, community activism, government, sciences & the arts.


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