Nokia Foundation Jorma Ollila Scholarship and Grants

The Jorma Ollila special fund was created to support recently graduated doctors to further develop their research careers. These personal grants are awarded for the purpose of gaining international experience and research excellence for a period of 1-3 years. In addition to financial support, the new special fund will support the selected applicants through the contact network of Nokia Foundation.

All applications should comply with the charter of Nokia Foundation. In particular, the research should:

  • Relate to information and telecommunications technologies — this can include multidisciplinary research that strongly bridges other related fields, like social, behavioral, economics and service sciences, to information and communications technologies
  • Support and promote education and research within Finland.
  • Relate to one of the following focus areas of the Jorma Ollila special fund:
    • Data Science and AI, including research on novel methods, tools, applications and implementations of data science, machine learning and augmented as well as artificial intelligence.
    • Network Technologies, including research on future networking and communication technologies for fixed and wireless connectivity.
    • Digital Design, including research on enablers and practices of information and communication driven technologies, methods and systems for the digital revolution.

How to apply

Next application submission will begin on August 1, 2019. Applications can be submitted twice a year.
Jorma Ollila Grant Application


September 30, 2019.

Additional Info

Doctoral candidates, who have not yet publicly defended their doctoral thesis but have received permission to do so, may also apply for a grant. In such cases, pre-examiners’ statements on the thesis must be enclosed with the application. The grant will not be funded until after the doctoral degree is completed.

The use of an awarded grant may be deferred by one year for personal reasons, if the project plan remains the same. Decisions concerning longer deferrals are made by the Nokia Foundation Board on a case-by-case basis.

At least one reference must be included in your application. References may be uploaded directly by their author using the application tool. A username and password will be issued by the application tool once the application has been finalized.

Grants are applied and given for one year at a time (maximum of three times). Applications for extensions are encouraged and can be done during the ongoing Jorma Ollila -scholarship.

Primary purpose of the grant is to cover costs of the visit (not salary). Funds are available for one year after the funding decision.

If you apply for a grant for the second or third year, remember to report on the progress of the previous/ongoing grant. The report must include an account on the progress of the scholar’s research project and a list of any completed articles, manuscripts in progress, attendance at conferences, posters and presentations to academic and other possible communities/audiences.

Please note: you may partially complete an application (save a draft) and continue with it later. The application tool will provide additional instructions for completing the application form.

Grants awarded by foundations such as the Nokia Foundation are often tax-exempt. Maximum amount granted per year from Jorma Ollila fund is 20 000 € per grantee.

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