Multiple Scholarship Programmes at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, Japan

For details, contact the International Liaison Office, at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (ILO).

How to Apply for Private Scholarships Steps to Apply
(1) Application Form (Word)
(2) Application Form English version (Word)
(3) Sample Application Form

Before applying to Private Scholarships, please be aware of the FOLLOWING

1.  Scholarships applicable Pre-enrollment

1. ‘Todai Fellowship’ Applying through GSFS/UTokyo

The Todai Fellowship provides financial support to international students of excellent academic achievement in their academic research in the doctoral courses of The University of Tokyo by granting a scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the “Todai Fellowship”) as well as promotes the admission of international students from various countries.

This scholarship should be applied at the same time as submitting an entrance application. The result of admission decision and the scholarship will be notified at the same time. For details, see the application guideline.

1. Eligibility

a. Those who applying for admission to a doctoral course of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

b. Those who hold a valid visa to stay in Japan as a “College Student”

c. Those who are not applying and/or planning to apply for fellowships or scholarships provided by private organizations.

2. Stipend

JPY 200,000/month (Fellowship recipients must not submit any application for tuition exemption.)

3. Period of Payment

Three years

4. Required forms for application

a. Application Form for Todai Fellowship

b. Recommendation letter from your former supervisor (preferably from your master program supervisor)

c. Study Plan

d. List of past achievments


2. Applying directly to providers


2. Scholarships applicable Post-enrollment


> 2019.8.20 Teijin Scholarship Foundation / Deadline: August 26 (Mon), by 5:00pm
> 2019.8.8 Takaku Foundation/Deadline: November 30 (Sat), 2019
> 2019.8.8 Tokyu Foundation for Foreign Students/ Deadline: September 30th (Mon) 2019
> 2019.7.26 Toyama Cultural Foundation/ Deadline: September 6 (Fri) 2019
> 2019.7.26 More Jobs Better Lives Foundation/ Deadline: October 31 (Thu) 2019
> 2019.7.23 Dr. Lin Tsung-I University of Tokyo Scholarships/ Deadline: October 15 (Tue), 2019

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