46 Internship and Job Vacancies at ILO

Listed here are 46 internship and job vacancies at ILO. Click on each opportunity for details and to apply.


Title Location Job Type
Administrative Assistant – G4 (DC) Lebanon, Beirut Temporary
Communications Officer Switzerland, Geneva Development Cooperation
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Switzerland, Geneva Development Cooperation
Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (JPO) Switzerland, Geneva Junior Professional Officers
Finance Assistant – G6 Egypt, Cairo Local
Temporary Administrative Clerk Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan Temporary
Stagiaire à l’Unité des Services Administratifs régionaux Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan Coopération pour le développement
Coordinador Nacional de Proyecto (NOB) Mexico, Mexico City Cooperación para el desarrollo
Oficial de Monitoreo y Evaluación de Proyecto – NOA (DC) Mexico, Mexico City Cooperación para el desarrollo
Specialist Workers’ Activities Switzerland, Geneva International
Communication internship China, Beijing Development Cooperation
Coordonnateur(trice) National(e) du Projet – DC Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Kinshasa Coopération pour le développement
Assistant(e) aux Programmes en Entreprenariat – DC Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Kinshasa Coopération pour le développement
Chauffeur Messager – DC Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Kinshasa Coopération pour le développement
Data Entry Support in Zarqa- G3 Jordan, Amman Development Cooperation
Skills development Officer – NOA (DC) Kuwait, Kuwait Temporary
Project Assistant – G5 Kuwait, Kuwait Temporary
Programming Intern ( Zambia) Zambia, Lusaka Internship
Finance and Administrative Officer Thailand, Bangkok International
Senior Specialist on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Thailand, Bangkok International
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Specialist Bangladesh, Dhaka International
Social Protection Specialist Russian Federation, Moscow International
Finance Officer Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan International
Fonctionnaire chargé des Finances Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan International
Specialist, International labour Standards and Labour Law Senegal, Dakar International
Spécialiste des normes internationales du travail et du droit du travail Senegal, Dakar International
Chief, Regional Programming Unit Lebanon, Beirut International
Regional Specialist on Labour Migration and Mobility Peru, Lima International
Especialista regional en migración y movilidad laboral Peru, Lima Internacional
Economiste Switzerland, Geneva International
Economist Switzerland, Geneva International
Economista Switzerland, Geneva Internacional
Specialist on Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Cameroon, Yaounde International
Spécialiste technique chargé du dialogue social et de l’administration du travail 1 Cameroon, Yaounde International
Jefe de Equipo; Creación de un entorno propicio para las empresas sostenibles Switzerland, Geneva Internacional
Chef de FACILITIES Switzerland, Geneva International
Team Leader; Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE) Switzerland, Geneva International
Chef d’équipe; Programme Un environnement favorable aux entreprises durables Switzerland, Geneva International
Head of FACILITIES Switzerland, Geneva International
Jefe de FACILITIES Switzerland, Geneva Internacional


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