60 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Position Vacancies at the University of Gothenburg

Listed here are 60 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Position Vacancies at the University of Gothenburg. Click on each opportunity for details and to apply.

Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Postdoctoral Fellow in Tumor Immunology 2019-08-09 Fixed term PAR 2019/1006
Postdoctoral Fellow in tumour metabolism of renal cell carcinoma 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/834
Researcher 2019-08-08 Fixed term PAR 2019/1039
Two Researchers 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/998
Researcher 2019-08-07 Open ended PAR 2019/1035
Researcher 2019-07-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/1031
Research Assistant 2019-07-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/1032
PhD Position in Natural Science, specializing in Environmental Science 2019-08-02 Fixed term PAR 2019/781
Researcher 2019-07-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1018
Postdoctor in Molecular brain imaging/medical image analysis 2019-07-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1025
Researcher 2019-07-30 Open ended PAR 2019/1026
Postdoc in business and design specialising in digitization 2019-09-10 Fixed term PAR 2019/1023
Postdoctor in Biomaterials 2019-07-29 Fixed term PAR 2019/1019
Postdoctoral Fellow in Acute myeloid leukemia – treatment response 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/1005
Doctoral student in Health Care Sciences – Making Healthcare for Complex Chronic Conditions sustainable and affordable 2019-08-26 Fixed term PAR 2019/896
Postdoctor in Biomarkers in multiple sclerosis 2019-08-05 Fixed term PAR 2019/953
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Rehabilitation Medicine 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/985
Postdoc in Chemistry with focus on modeling the interaction of nanoparticles with organic molecules in aqueous ionic solutions 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/1017
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Cancer Genomics 2019-08-04 Fixed term PAR 2019/1003
Researcher 2019-07-25 Fixed term PAR 2019/1002
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Classical Philology 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/296
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Children’s hearing and health at preschools 2019-08-14 Fixed term PAR 2019/891
Senior lecturer in Innovation, entrepreneurship and management of Intellectual Capital Management 2019-08-12 Fixed term PAR 2019/905
PhD student in Natural Sciences with specialisation in Physical Oceanography or Marine Sciences 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/921
Doctoral student in Cognitive Science 2019-08-29 Fixed term PAR 2019/949
Senior lecturer in biodiversity 2019-08-20 Open ended PAR 2019/648
Doctoral student in Health Care Sciences – Patient safety within radiology 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/971
Postdoctoral Researcher in Information Systems, 1-2 positions 2019-09-02 Fixed term PAR 2019/983
Senior lecturer in zoological physiology 2019-08-20 Open ended PAR 2019/646
Senior lecturer in animal ecology 2019-08-20 Open ended PAR 2019/644
Senior lecturer in zoological systematics 2019-08-20 Open ended PAR 2019/647
Senior lecturer in environmental science with ecotoxicology focus 2019-08-20 Open ended PAR 2019/645
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Neurochemistry 2019-08-13 Fixed term PAR 2019/811
Associate senior lecturer in experimental spintronics 2019-08-12 Fixed term PAR 2017/1429
PhD student in software engineering with an emphasis on human factors in AI-design 2019-08-16 Fixed term PAR 2019/967
Senior Lecturers in Medical and Health Science Research, PAR 2019/650 2019-09-02 Open ended PAR 2019/650
Researcher in NMR-Based Structural Biology 2019-07-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/918
Lecturer in communication 2019-08-05 Fixed term PAR 2019/946
PhD student in software engineering with an emphasis on automated vehicles 2019-08-16 Fixed term PAR 2019/970
Senior lecturer in design specialising in embedded design in organisational contexts 2019-08-09 Fixed term PAR 2019/564
Senior lecturer in sport science 2019-09-02 Open ended PAR 2019/958
Lecturer in sport science 80 % 2019-09-02 Open ended PAR 2019/954
Project Administrator 2019-07-29 Open ended PAR 2019/902
PhD student in biochemistry 2019-07-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/951
Senior lecturer in design specialising in design studies 2019-08-09 Open ended PAR 2019/563
Operations & Outreach Manager to the V-Dem Institute 2019-08-04 Fixed term PAR 2019/909
Researcher – Person-centred care 2019-08-07 Fixed term PAR 2019/917
Doctoral student in Medical Science – TIL and effect of radiotherapy in breast cancer 2019-08-12 Fixed term PAR 2019/895
Postdoctor in Species identifications using AI, citizen science and mobile apps 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/851
Associate Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences with a specialization in Hydrogeochemistry 2019-09-13 Fixed term PAR 2019/279
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Transplantation solutions for female infertility 2019-08-12 Fixed term PAR 2019/904
Postdoctor in Software Engineering for Secure Automotive Systems 2019-07-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/923
Doctoral student in Educational Sciences 2019-08-08 Fixed term PAR 2019/873
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Prospective studies of the gut microbiome 2019-08-12 Fixed term PAR 2019/890
Substitute lecturer in mathematical statistics 2019-08-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/849
Professor in sports science 2019-08-16 Open ended PAR 2019/622
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics specialising in communication within organisations 2019-08-19 Open ended PAR 2018/932
Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology 2019-09-01 Open ended PAR 2019/408
Doctoral position in practical philosophy with a focus on bioethics, antibiotic resistance and the environment 2019-08-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/277
Doctoral position, one or several, in Computational Linguistics 2019-08-19 Fixed term PAR 2019/571

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