16 Funded PhD Positions at CiM-IMPRS Graduate Program, Germany

The program will be open for new applications on 1 March 2019.

Please note that the online application system will not be open before March 1st. However, you can already prepare the documents according to the application guidelines and upload them later.

CiM-IMPRS is open for highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality. We also encourage students who have obtained a Master’s degree at Münster University to apply for a position.

We offer:

We offer 16 PhD positions in Life and Natural Sciences. More PhD positions financed by work contracts may be offered depending on availability.

Application Schedule 2019
Application period                       1 March – 26 April 2019
Selection for interviews              17 May 2019
Interviews                                       14-17 July 2019
Decision                                          19 July 2019

Commencement of postions      1 October 2019 (or earlier if desired)

  • Forms

  • Application guidelines

    Important notes

    Please apply to this graduate program only, if you find research projects that are of interest to you.


    Applicants must hold a Master’s degree, or equivalent (e.g. German Diploma), in life or natural sciences (e.g. biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, physics, chemistry, pharmacy or related fields), in mathematics or computer sciences. Applicants with a state examination in pharmacy can be admitted to work on pharmaceutical/chemical projects. The date of award of the Master’s (or diploma, state examination) degree must not be more than 4 years ago (i.e. 4 years before the above-mentioned application deadline).Adequate English proficiency: Applicants who are not native English speakers should demonstrate an adequate competence of the English language by one of the following options: 1) acceptable results in an internationally recognized test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) or 2) proven higher education in English or 3) reasonably long stay in an English speaking country or 4) simply demonstrating your English language abilities during presentations and interviews in Münster. Please note: Although an English proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS) is not required it is very important that you CAN communicate well enough in spoken and written English. Knowledge of the German language is not required.

    Application Procedure


    1. Write your application in English language (application form, short curriculum vitae (CV), transcripts and certificates). In your online application you name 1-3 potential CiM-IMPRS groups in which you would like to work.
    2.  Identify and inform 2 academic teachers/supervisors who can send reference letters (also see 4).
    3.  Submit your application (online). You will receive a registration code.
    4.  Ask the 2 referees to submit reference letters using the registration code.
    5. We may ask you to have a Skype interview with us between 9 and 15 May 2019.
    6. Interviews in Münster (3.5 days, obligatory, we pay for travel and accommodation).

    Application procedure in detail


    All submitted transcripts and certificates must be in English or German. Certified copies of documents are not mandatory at the time of submission. However, all relevant documents have to get certified upon acceptance to the program.

    Your application will consist of 2 pdf files only. The first file will include application form and curriculum vitae (CV); the second will include transcripts, record of study and certificates. Please do not send zip-files. Further down you find information on how to create and combine pdf files.

    We are unable to consider applications that are incomplete or do not fulfil the formal criteria described above.

    1. Read the information given on our program on the CiM-IMPRS websiteIdentify between 1 and 3 CiM-IMPRS groups in which you would like to do your PhD. To this end please consult the description of projects and the group linksYou will have to name the heads of these 1-3 groups in your online application. If you get invited to the interview symposium, you will have interviews with theses group leaders. Some groups have subgroupsaccording to their websites. If you would like to work in a particular subgroup, please name the head of the subgroup in the comment field of your online application. Do not apply to this program, if there is no group you are really interested in! Please note that there are several groups that can’t take any students this year (marked with “No positions via CiM-IMPRS in 2019”  in our overview of projects. THESE GROUPS CANNOT BE CHOSEN!)
    2. Download the CiM-IMPRS application form and complete it offline. Convert it into a pdf-file (information on conversion into pdf see below).
    3. Write a short, one-page curriculum vitae, convert it into a pdf-file and combine it with the application form into one pdf-file. Some information on your CV will be identical to that in the application form. Don’t worry.
    4. Collect your official transcripts or records of study which should document your academic work in detail (list of courses attended; grades and credit points, if applicable) and your certificates. Important: Please start your file with your Master or Diploma certificate (and corresponding transcripts).
      Certificates should include the relevant university examinations (e.g. Master’s and Bachelor’s degree, or German Diplom and Vordiplom). You can submit provisional certificates and include final certificates later, when they become available, as an addition to your application (see 11).
      If available, please also include your final certificate of secondary school education which gives the right of admission to higher eduction (e.g. Abitur, Matura, or equivalent). The certificate should show individual grades. Include an explanation of the grading system. If schools in your country don’t issue such certificates, don’t worry. It will have no consequences on your application.
      If you have a certificate for an English language test (e.g.TOEFL, IELTS), please add it here. If you don’t have, it don’t worry. It is not mandatory!
    5. All these transcripts/records of study/certificates have to be submitted as a single pdf-file. You may scan the documents, convert each of them into a pdf-file and, finally, combine them into one file. Please avoid pages, where all wording is vertical (we inspect applications on the monitor!).
    6. Identify two academic teachers/supervisors who can send reference letters for your application. You will be asked to submit their e-mail addresses electronically with your application. We may contact the referees directly, if we need more information. If you cannot name two academic teachers/supervisors, please contact the coordinator bycim-imprs. We will find a solution.
    7. Submit your application online ONLINE SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS (open from February to September). You will be asked to transfer basic data from your application form into the webpage (copy-paste), to name your referees (incl. e-mail addresses) and to name 1-3 CiM-IMPRS groups of interest.
    8. Upload 1) your completed application form/CV and 2) your transcripts/record of study/certificates file. Please note: large files of over 17 MB sometimes cause submission problems. In that case please reduce the size of the respective pdf.
    9. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your application. This e-mail will contain your registration code which you will need for further steps. Please note: The e-mail address of the server which sends the confirmation and other e-mails starts with lotus1/GWDG/de@lotus…… Be careful not to treat these e-mails as spam. Look into your spam folder!
    10. As soon as you have the registration code please ask the two referees to submit their reference letters to our online system. Please forward to the referees the details and your registration code given in your automatic confirmation. They will need them for submission of their references. In that confirmation e-mail the referees will be asked to download the reference request form form and to submit it to our server. Once they have uploaded their references you will be informed automatically. Make sure that we receive their references by May 1st. 2019! Our faculty members will start evaluating the applications on the next day. Hence, we cannot guarantee that references submitted later than May 1st, 2019 are seen by the evaluators.
    11. If you have additions (e.g. a final Master certificate) or important corrections (e.g. a new address) you can submit them electronically. Simply change your file/files accordingly and submit BOTH, a new application form/CV file AND a new transcripts/record of study/certificates file (even if only one file contains additions / corrections). The new files will replace the old files!  SUBMISSION OF ADDITIONS / CORRECTIONS (open from February to September).

    Skype interviews:

    • If we cannot make a decision solely on the basis of the written application, we may ask you to have a brief Skype interview with the coordinator or one of our faculty members. Please be prepared that we may ask you for such an Skype interview between 9 and 15 May 2019.


    Checklist for your application

    1. Completed CiM-IMPRS Application Form
    2. Curriculum vitae (1 page)
    3. Transcripts, records of study. Don’t forget: Start your file with your Master certificate/documents.
    4. Certificates: Master (or Diplom), Bachelor, secondary school education (only if available), English language test (if available)
    5. Names and e-mail addresses of two academic teachers who can send reference letters
    6. Names of 1-3 CiM-IMPRS groups in which you would like to do your PhD. Make sure that you do not choose groups that do not take students this year (see above).
    7. Make sure that you can have a Skype interview with us in case we ask you for it.

    Selection procedure and conditions of positions

    1. The CiM-IMPRS faculty will select applicants for interviews in Münster (3.5 days). The interviews in Münster are mandatory. You will be informed about the decision no later than the date given above in the application schedule (selection for interviews). We will pay for your travel to the interview symposium in Münster (and back) as well as for your accommodation here. However, costs to obtain visas (visa fees and travel to embassies) are not covered.
    2. Interview Symposium in Münster: The symposium consists of interviews (including a short presentation of your Master/Diploma thesis)meetings with potential supervisors and visits of groups/labs. You can book additional meetings and visits on site. In addition, the applicants will present their Master/Diploma work on posters whereas CiM-IMPRS groups will present posters with their projects. There will also be meetings with current students. On the last day of the symposium you will be asked to give a final updated list of three preferred groups/supervisors sorted by your priority.
    3. A final decision on acceptance to the program will be made a few days after the interviews. You will be informed about our decision by e-mail.
    4. Successful applicants start their PhD projects on October 1st. If you wish, you can also start earlier. However, if you need a visa, please note that obtaining the visa may take several months.
    5. Students will receive work contracts with an annual gross pay of 22.950 – 29.800 €. The exact amount depends on the type of work contracts offered by the individual work groups. There are no tuition fees, but PhD students have to register with the university with a contribution of ca. 50 € / month for which they receive a ticket for free public transport in Münster and North Rhine Westfalia (!) and the opportunity to apply for cheap student dormitories.

  • Details for your written application:
  • Students from Münster are also welcome to apply. Please note: Students who are already working in a group of a CiM-IMPRS member (see list of members on this page under “Faculty”) are eligible for a position only, if they will join a different CiM-IMPRS group for their PhD. If you have questions concerning this rule please contact us by e-mail cim-imprs.
  • Applications are also welcome, if the required degree has not yet been awarded by the time of application. However, it has to be awarded before positions commence in October.
  • Applications can only be submitted via our online system. The system is available during the above mentioned application period only. The deadline for applications is 26 April 2019.

    References should be uploaded by May 1st, 2019Additions/corrections (see below) can be submitted until late September.

    The time between selection for interviews and the interview symposium is rather short. If you need a passport to travel to Germany and you don’t have it yet, please already arrange for getting one or make sure that obtaining passport and visa can be done between 16 May and 4 July 2019. Please inspect the webpage of your German embassy.

    Please refrain from contacting our Faculty Members and PhD students by e-mail or phone! During the last application periods some of them have received an extremely high number of messages and calls which is a real burden. Please send an e-mail to cim-imprs  instead. If you have questions or encounter problems with the application procedure please don’t hesitate to contact the coordinator, Prof. Martin Wild, by e-mail to cim-imprs. Due to the high number of e-mails we usually receive we can only answer those questions that are not addressed in the information given below!

  • How to create and combine pdf files

    Here are some suggestions on how to create and combine pdf files.

    There you will find a manual under „Help“ describing how to create a pdf and how to combine documents

    Other free programs may also be available.Many Apple computers also have the option to combine pdf files:

    iii) using Automator (scripting program installed on many Mac computers, works with all MacOS versions starting with MacOS 10.4). This is how to use it to combine pdf files:

    1. Finder: Get Selected Finder Items (Get Selected Files and Folders)
    2. PDF: Combine PDF pages (choose Appending pages)
    3. Finder: Open Finder Items (Open Selected Files and Folders)

    This will combine everything, then open up a Preview document with all the PDF pages laid out in one document which you can finally save. You can also save the workflow if you do this on a regular basis.

  • Select the documents that you want to combine in the Finder.
    Open Automator from Applications or Programs.
    Choose Create workflow.
    Add these 3 steps to your Untitled Workflow:
  • ii) using Preview
  • B) Mac users:
    i) On most Apple computers you should be able to create a pdf using the print command, choose “pdf”, and save the file.
  • A) PC users:
    You can download a free version of PDF Creator, e.g.

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