Multiple DAD Internship and Scholarship Programs

Below are the scholarship programs of the DAAD. Not all internships are paid so that you can live on them, some are also unpaid. Scholarships can partially finance your stay during the internship.

  • Some programs remunerate the internships in the amount that they cover the costs locally, eg IAESTE .
  • Scholarships of the DAAD and other funding organizations can be found in our scholarship search

Short scholarships for internships abroad

The short-term scholarship program for self-procured internships abroad is divided into various areas. With a short scholarship, internships can be sponsored at the following institutions:

The scholarship is aimed at students from the 2nd semester onwards as well as master students who are fully enrolled for the entire duration of the internship.

Further information can be obtained from the respective departments or the International Office of your university.

German Academic Exchange Service 
Unit ST41 – International Internship Exchange 
Tel .: +49 228 882-255 
Fax: +49 228 882-9255 

Travel allowances

The introduction of PROMOS will also affect the current framework for travel allowances . Students can apply for travel grants directly from their universities through PROMOS. Please inquire about this with the International Office of your university, if it is funded by PROMOS.

If you get your internship through the exchange organizations IAESTE, AIESEC, bvmd and ZAD, you can not  apply via PROMOS, but you can apply for a travel allowance from the DAAD.

RISE worldwide – research internships

Are you a Bachelor student at a German university and are you interested in an international research internship? RISE worldwide awards and promotes research internships for students of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geosciences, engineering, medicine, pharmacy or related disciplines.

Interested Bachelor students can view online research projects and apply for up to three offers. Please note the deadlines of the tender!

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The DAAD financially supports these research stays, which take place during the semester break during the summer. The scholarships are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Further information can be obtained from the unit ST23 in the DAAD at the e-mail

Carlo Schmid Program

The Carlo Schmid program is aimed primarily at students and graduates who are seeking to work in the international (administrative) field. Internships are supported by international organizations, institutions of the European Union (EU) and selected non-governmental organizations.

Two program lines are offered:

  • Program A promotes self-initiated internships
  • Program line B offers special internship offers.

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The program is advertised once a year. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Robert Bosch Stiftung and jointly run by the DAAD and the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

Combined study and practical semesters

This program promotes annual stays abroad with a study and practical part.

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The program can be found in the results of the scholarship search

The practical semester must be prescribed in the curriculum of your degree program and must be bindingly stipulated in the respective study regulations and be recognized by the home university. Study and practical semesters must be completed in the same country.

Erasmus + internships in Europe

The Erasmus + program supports internships in institutions in Europe. Internships are currently possible in all 33 Erasmus + program countries. The program is open to students from all disciplines; The services provided abroad are recognized (eg entry in the Diploma Supplement, ECTS, EUROPASS). Internships can not be funded in European institutions / organizations, as well as in organizations managing EU programs. An internship through Erasmus + is eligible for 2 to 12 months. For the cost of living, trainees receive a monthly grant, the amount of which depends on the destination country of the mobility. In addition, they can receive support during the preparation of the stay abroad, eg in the form of language courses online. Graduates can also receive funding for an Erasmus + internship in other European countries: This offer is valid within one year of completing a study phase (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, State Examination, Diploma) and for a period of 2 to 12 months. Prerequisite for a grant is an application during the last year of the respective study phase. The funding is credited towards the quota of Erasmus + months of the respective study phase – for example, if students have completed a study period of 5 months in the Bachelor’s phase, there are still 7 months of funding for a graduate internship.

Applications for an Erasmus + grant are to be submitted directly to the own participating university or to the consortium to which the own university belongs. A list of all Erasmus + coordinators can be found on the pages of the National Agency for EU University Cooperation .

German Academic Exchange Service 
National Agency for EU University 
Cooperation Unit EU02-Erasmus + Key Action 1: Mobility of individuals 
Tel: 0228 882-414 
Fax: 0228 882-555 


The DAAD has restructured its program offerings. With PROMOS, the program for increasing the mobility of German students, universities are able to offer their own support measures.

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PROMOS – Program description

This means that the granting of partial scholarships and travel allowances is up to the universities. A direct application of students to the DAAD is not possible. Students, study and language students are supported. Further information about PROMOS can be obtained from the International Academic Offices of your universities.

“Russia in Practice” – internship program

The aim of the program is to help meet the growing demand for skilled workers and scientists with Russia experience.

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GoEast – Russia in practice

The program “Russia in Practice” promotes German students for six-month internships in the Russian Federation. Internships are provided by companies, which are usually members of the AHK Moscow, to the “Russia in practice”.

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