International Affairs Fellowship (IAF) in Nuclear Security

The International Affairs Fellowship (IAF) in Nuclear Security, sponsored by the Stanton Foundation, offers university-based scholars valuable hands-on experience in the nuclear security policymaking field and places selected fellows in U.S. government positions or international organizations for a period of twelve months to work with practitioners. The IAF in Nuclear Security closes the gap between research and practice and enriches the teaching and scholarship of academics, while also benefiting policymakers by exposing them to cutting-edge scholarly research.


  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens
  • Applicants must be faculty members with tenure at accredited universities
  • Applicants must possess a strong record of professional achievement
  • Applicants must be interested in working in government or at an international organization
  • Former Stanton nuclear security fellows who meet the eligibility requirements can apply

Fellowship Award

The duration of the fellowship is twelve months, preferably beginning in September. The program awards a stipend of $125,000. Fellows are considered independent contractors rather than employees of CFR, and are not eligible for employment benefits, including health insurance.

“Serving as a senior advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense on this fellowship has enriched my research and teaching.”— Neil Narang, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara (2015–2016 IAF in Nuclear Security)

How to Apply

CFR is not currently seeking applications for the International Affairs Fellowship in Nuclear Security.

IAF in Nuclear Security
Evan B. Montgomery (2016-2017 IAF), David W. Kearn Jr. (2016-2017 IAF in Nuclear Security), and Dinshaw Mistry (2016-2017 IAF in Nuclear Security) at the Annual 2018 IAF Conference

Selection Process

Selection as an IAF in Nuclear Security is based on a combination of the following criteria:

Scholarly qualifications

Professional experience

Firm grounding in foreign policy

An application proposal that focuses on nuclear security issues

Potential topics appropriate for the fellowship include nuclear terrorism, nuclear proliferation, nuclear weapons, nuclear force posture, security implications of nuclear energy, international security cooperation, deterrence, and war and conflict.

The selection process is highly competitive. Based on the overall application, the selection committee chooses two candidates to be fellows.

2017–2018 Fellows

Affiliations at time of award

Patrick Roberts, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech

Lawrence Rubin, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Matthew Kroenig, Philipp Bleek (2012–2013 IAF in Nuclear Security) and Alexander Montgomery (2012–2013 IAF in Nuclear Security) at the 2014 IAF Conference
Matthew Kroenig, Philipp Bleek (2012–2013 IAF in Nuclear Security) and Alexander Montgomery (2012–2013 IAF in Nuclear Security) at the 2014 IAF Conference Council on Foreign Relations

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