Over 50 doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship vacancies at Chalmers University

link to information about doctoral studiesthis page you will find over 50 doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship vacancies at Chalmers . Please apply for a position by choosing the position in the list below, click on the icon “apply” at the bottom of the advertisement, and follow the instructions.

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline
20180670 Several postdocs, researchers and/or engineers to build a quantum computer 08/01/2019
20180669 PhD student position in Next generation III-nitride millimeterwave devices and integrated circuits 10/01/2019
20180604 Lecturer in Swedish for specific purposes 05/12/2018
20180605 Lecturer in Swedish for specific purposes 05/12/2018
20180663 PhD student position in Technology Management / Innovation Studies 02/01/2019
20180476 Senior lecturer in maritime engine systems 15/01/2019
20180664 Postdoctoral position in online intrusion and anomaly detection for smart grids 15/01/2019
20180593 Postdoctoral position in Modelling of Li-Ion batteries for ageing and thermal analysis 03/12/2018
20180592 Postdoctoral position in High-Voltage Direct-Driven Wind Turbine Generating System 03/12/2018
20180657 Postdoctoral position in Advanced Nanofabrication 06/01/2019
20180661 PhD student position in yeast genetics and physiology 31/12/2018
20180660 Lab assistant for constructing electrochromic devices 21/12/2018
20180218 Artistic Professor in Healthcare Architecture 31/01/2019
20180656 Up to 3 PhD student positions in Programming Languages and Systems for Security and Privacy 05/01/2019
20180653 Postdoctoral stipend within Organic synthesis 10/01/2019
20180598 Associate Professor in Automation 06/01/2019
20180587 Assistant Professor in Quantum Technology 15/01/2019
20180651 PhD student position in Mission-Critical Wireless Communication 13/01/2019
20180553 PhD-students and postdocs for Wallenberg Wood Science Center 04/12/2018
20180541 PhD:s within WWSC project – Separation of wood components 04/12/2018
20180652 Postdoctoral position in theoretical modelling of runaway electrons in magnetized plasmas 19/12/2018
20180649 PhD student position in Systems Engineering Design 17/12/2018
20180643 PhD student position in Gapwaveguide based Antennas for mmWave Automotive Radars 31/12/2018
20180642 PhD student position in Integration concept for Automotive Radar chip and Slot array 31/12/2018
20180645 Postdoctoral position in massive and low-latency wireless cloud connectivity for IoT applications 20/12/2018
20180646 Postdoctoral position in distributed adaptive method for digital energy systems 15/01/2019
20180644 Postdoctoral position in information-theoretic methods in machine learning 20/12/2018
20180641 Postdoctoral position in In-situ experimental micromechanics 16/12/2018
20180599 Associate Professor in Dynamics of Solids 14/12/2018
20180636 Postdoctoral stipend position in Chemistry of 2D materials 31/12/2018
20180630 Project assistant in bioanalysis and enzymology 10/12/2018
20180621 Industrial PhD within Vehicle Integration and Ride Comfort 15/12/2018
20180631 Postdoctoral position in theoretical nuclear physics 31/12/2018
20180626 Postdoctoral scholarship in dark matter particle phenomenology 10/12/2018
20180554 PhD student positions in Astronomy and Astrophysics 05/12/2018
20180627 Postdoc in systems and synthetic biology 08/12/2018
20180624 Postdoctoral position in Quantum Computing applied to Quantum Chemistry 31/01/2019
20180623 Postdoctoral position in New Materials for Power Cable Insulation 06/12/2018
20180557 PhD student positions in experimental quantum computing at the Quantum Technology Laboratory 10/12/2018
20180620 PhD student position in galaxy evolution 08/12/2018
20180619 Postdoctoral position in galaxy evolution 08/12/2018
20180601 Postdoctoral position in Sustainable aviation and marine fuels 04/12/2018
20180616 PhD student in Chemical Biology division for a project on copper-transport proteins in breast cancer 15/12/2018
20180576 PhD student position in Transient spray mode fuel injection 20/12/2018
20180583 PhD student position in Service Management 15/12/2018
20180562 Postdoctoral position in Reduction of Propeller Noise for Future Electrical Aircrafts 31/12/2018
20180547 Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships 05/12/2018
20180535 PhD student position project: Modeling of quantum light-matter interactions at the nanoscale 31/12/2018
20180511 Postdoctoral position in flow characterization and heat flux 20/12/2018


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