Multiple Postdoctoral Opportunities at FMI Basel, Switzerland

FMIThese are the current open postdoctoral opportunities at FMI Basel, Switzerland

1 Postdoctoral Position: Chemical Screen on Hydra Regeneration
2 Postdoctoral Position: Motor Circuit Function
3 Postdoctoral Position: Epigenetic Regulation of Neuronal Identity and Circuit Formation
4 Postdoctoral Position on HDACs in chromatin regulation


FMI International PhD and MD-PhD Programs

The FMI International PhD Program provides advanced, interdisciplinary training in epigenetics, neurobiology and quantitative biology.
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If you have studied medicine you may be eligible for our International MD-PhD Program.
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Postdoctoral positions

FMI group leaders are always interested in dedicated and highly motivated scientists to join their research teams. Please contact the group leaders in your area of interest directly.
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Equality and diversity at FMI

At FMI we believe that successful research and collaboration flourishes in a strong intellectual environment where diversity and different cultural backgrounds are valued.
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