Call for Application: Interaction of Qualitative Hermeneutic Methods and Digital Humanities: ‘Mixed Methods’ in the Humanities?

Subject: Humanities and Cultural Studies

Type of funding: Workshops & smaller summer schools (funding line 2)
Travel expenses (including overnight stay, meals)
Scientists of all historical-hermeneutical disciplines
Prerequisite: Combining qualitative-hermeneutic and digital approaches “at eye level”

Applications for workshops / summer schools: anytime

Photo: Volkswagen Foundation

Target of the tender

Hitherto unimaginably large amounts of data from very often heterogeneous data sources in research are available to humanities and cultural studies, enabling or even requiring the use of new computer-aided methods of knowledge acquisition. How these new methods of digital humanities can be combined with the previous, in the broadest sense, “qualitative-hermeneutical” approaches and what “added value” can result from them, is the subject of this funding offer. Beyond the joint research on a concrete question of content, the interface of both methods should be explored on a theoretical-methodological level.

support program

Two funding lines will be offered: The first funding line will allow funds for co-operative “hybrid projects”, the second funding line for workshops and smaller summer schools. Scientists of all historical-hermeneutical disciplines (eg philology, history, philosophy, legal history and comparison, art history, musicology) are approached in cooperation “on equal terms” with their partners in the Digital Humanities or of computer science.

Further information on the conditions of the tender and the application can be found under  Information on the application (pdf) . Applications are submitted in electronic form via the application portal.


It is an initial tender.


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