Call for Application: Artificial Intelligence ─ Their impact on the society of tomorrow

Illustration: Phonlamai Photo - shutterstock.comSubject: Technical Sciences in conjunction with Social Sciences and / or Humanities

Funding Type: Research Projects
up to 1.5 million euros
Max. 4 years
Scientists of all career levels after graduation; international cooperation partners (inside) possible
Interdisciplinary consortium, integrative research approaches in social sciences and technology
Additional services: Promotion of science education and communication, additional funding for refugees who have fled
Illustration: Phonlamai Photo –

Goal of the initiative

The initiative focuses on joint, integrative research approaches in the social sciences and technology. Against the background of the current and emerging developments taking place under the term “Artificial Intelligence”, new perspectives and insights with a view to shaping the future of society as well as of technology are to be made possible on the basis of contemporary diagnoses. Here, novel project constellations and interdisciplinary cooperation for a scientific and socially highly relevant and up-to-date subject area are to be made possible and achieved through the corresponding change of perspectives to new perspectives and solutions.

An essential challenge and at the same time a special opportunity for the participating disciplines lies in the joint development of a specific topic and the associated scientific issues as well as in the necessary expansion of the respective range of methods.

support program

The funding offer is aimed primarily at social and technical scientists of all career levels after graduation, who devote themselves to the challenges of the field of artificial intelligence and society in interdisciplinary research networks. The integration of humanities disciplines is possible. In addition to a substantial, longer-term project funding, the funding of an optionally upstream one-year “Planning Grant” is planned.

  1. Planning Grant
    In view of the challenges associated with the desired “new quality” of interdisciplinary cooperation for the involved project partners, the Foundation offers the option to apply for a “Planning Grant” with a term of one year and a maximum grant of 150,000 euros. The active support of this “identification phase” should, among other things, enable the composition of a suitable project team, the finding of a common language, the identification of a connecting topic and finally the formulation of a “full grant”.
  2. Full Grant
    For the longer-term processing of a topic defined by the consortium, cooperation projects involving up to five working groups with a total funding amount of a maximum of EUR 1.5 million for a term of up to four years can be applied for.

Further information on tender conditions and application can be found under  Information on application 114 (pdf) . Applications must be in English and submitted in electronic form via the application portal.


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