Over 40 doctoral and postdoctoral vacancies at Chalmers University of Technology

Listed below are more than 40 doctoral and postdoctoral vacancies at Chalmers. Please see details and apply for a position by clicking on each opportunity and following the instructions.

  Job ad header Application deadline
20180645 Postdoctoral position in massive and low-latency wireless cloud connectivity for IoT applications 20/12/2018
20180646 Postdoctoral position in distributed adaptive method for digital energy systems 15/01/2019
20180644 Postdoctoral position in information-theoretic methods in machine learning 20/12/2018
20180641 Postdoctoral position in In-situ experimental micromechanics 16/12/2018
20180541 PhD:s and postdocs within WWSC project – Separation of wood components 27/11/2018
20180636 Postdoctoral stipend position in Chemistry of 2D materials 31/12/2018
20180621 Industrial PhD within Vehicle Integration and Ride Comfort 15/12/2018
20180631 Postdoctoral position in theoretical nuclear physics 31/12/2018
20180626 Postdoctoral scholarship in dark matter particle phenomenology 10/12/2018
20180554 PhD student positions in Astronomy and Astrophysics 05/12/2018
20180627 Postdoc in systems and synthetic biology 08/12/2018
20180624 Postdoctoral position in Quantum Computing applied to Quantum Chemistry 31/01/2019
20180623 Postdoctoral position in New Materials for Power Cable Insulation 06/12/2018
20180557 PhD student positions in experimental quantum computing at the Quantum Technology Laboratory 10/12/2018
20180620 PhD student position in galaxy evolution 08/12/2018
20180619 Postdoctoral position in galaxy evolution 08/12/2018
20180601 Postdoctoral position in Sustainable aviation and marine fuels 04/12/2018
20180616 PhD student in Chemical Biology division for a project on copper-transport proteins in breast cancer 15/12/2018
20180506 PhD Position on Organic Semiconductors for Power Cable Insulation 26/11/2018
20180576 PhD student position in Transient spray mode fuel injection 20/12/2018
20180539 Postdoctoral position in Water management for anion exchange membrane fuel cells 30/11/2018
20180594 Postdoctoral position in Aircraft propulsion and cryogenic fuel system 30/11/2018
20180563 Postdoctoral position in Modeling of gas-liquid mass transfer 30/11/2018
20180575 Postdoctoral position in Theoretical Chemistry 30/11/2018
20180596 Three research engineers in parallel runtimes, compilers and performance tools 29/11/2018
20180583 PhD student position in Service Management 15/12/2018
20180592 Postdoctoral position in High-Voltage Direct-Driven Wind Turbine Generating System 26/11/2018
20180593 Postdoctoral position in Modelling of Li-Ion batteries for ageing and thermal analysis 26/11/2018
20180579 PhD student position in Applied Urban Analytics and Informatics 25/11/2018
20180591 Two postdoctoral positions in microresonator frequency combs 30/11/2018
20180578 PhD student position in Exhaust aftertreatment systems modelling 30/11/2018
20180589 Postdoctoral position in theoretical modelling of relativistic laser-matter interaction 22/11/2018
20180562 Postdoctoral position in Reduction of Propeller Noise for Future Electrical Aircrafts 31/12/2018
20180566 Two PhD positions in Computational Catalysis 30/11/2018
20180547 Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships 05/12/2018
20180535 PhD student position project: Modeling of quantum light-matter interactions at the nanoscale 31/12/2018
20180511 Postdoctoral position in flow characterization and heat flux 20/12/2018


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