Call for Proposal: Science-Driven E-Infrastructures Innovation (SEI)

This SEI call targets initiatives that are well-positioned to bring together environmental, social and economic scientists with data scientists, computational scientists, and e-infrastructure and cyber-infrastructure developers and providers to solve one or more of the methodological, technological and/or procedural challenges currently facing inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary environmental change research that involves working with large, diverse and multi-source transnational data.


Note: This table serves as an introduction to the National Annexes. Please consult this appendix for the detailed eligibility criteria per funding agency and contact the national contact person for more information.

Country Participating Agency Agency Acronym Total amount of Funding Max. amount per project
Brazil São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP € 810,000 € 270,000
Chinese Taipei Ministry of Science and Technology MOST € 750,000 € 300,000
France French National Research Agency ANR € 1,500,000 € 500,000
Japan Japan Science and Technology Agency JST € 250,000 € 250,000
USA National Science Foundation NSF USD 1,500,000 USD 500,000

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