Cambridge UK Masters Scholarships

A programme of Cambridge UK Masters Scholarships will be put in place from October 2019 to enable the top scoring applicants for one-year graduate study to benefit from awards of a value of £12,000 each towards their studies.

The Scholarships will replace the Newton CHESS MPhil Studentships, the last year of these awards being 2018-19.  The Isaac Newton Trust has, very generously, promised to support these awards in the first year and Colleges will continue to support the scheme by meeting 50% of the costs of College-named Scholarships.

Applicants from the UK, with ‘home’ fee status, applying for MPhil programmes in all subjects will be eligible for the scholarships, provided they

  • Apply by the Graduate Funding deadline for their chosen course of study, and be offered conditional admission to the University of Cambridge;
  • Tick the box to apply for funding, and fill in the Cambridge Trust section of the online form, as part of their application for admission through the University’s Applicant Portal.

Applicants who have already obtained or are about to graduate with a Masters or PhD level qualification, will not be eligible.

Successful applicants will be contacted, via e-mail, from March.

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