2019 Stanford University AMENDS application is now open!

AMENDS is a student initiative at Stanford University that brings together the most promising youth change agents from across the Middle East, North Africa, and United States to learn from each other, connect with global leaders and resources, and share, through TED style talks, their ideas and experiences with the world.

Applicants must:

  • be 18 – 28 years old.
  • be proficient in English.
  • have innovative ideas and well thought-out initiatives that could affect positive change in the world.
  • have initiatives addressing political, social, or economic issues pertaining to the Middle East in innovative ways.
  • demonstrate the potential to further understanding between the respective regions and demonstrate potential to influence American-Middle Eastern affairs.

Delegates will be selected based on the level of their dedication to promoting change in the MENA region and/or in U.S.- MENA relations. AMENDS will also heavily consider the past experiences and backgrounds of each delegate that will enable him/her to contribute a unique perspective to the conference, in order to ensure a rich, diverse group of delegates.

Accepted delegates will:

  • Present a 10-12 minute video talk about their initiative at AMENDS conference. Hosted on our channel, these talks have over 70,000 people.
  • Attend a networking dinner.
  • Attend workshops and talks at the conference. In the past, this has included a talk by Prince Moulay Hicham, a workshop on presenting by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a workshop on design thinking by the Stanford d.school.
  • Join and take leadership in the AMEND Fellows Network, a self-sustaining network of 120 former delegates. For the past 3 years, a separate conference has been held annually for fellows at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Read the testimonials and talk to past delegates to learn more!

AMENDS has three main components: networking, summit, and the AMENDS Talks. During the summit, delegates will share their ideas, collaborate on their initiatives, and interact with world leaders in workshops, panel discussions, and formal networking events. The conference will culminate in the AMENDS Talks, presentations from all of the delegates on their initiatives, ideas, and experiences. These presentations will be shared online for the world to see.

Five years ago, the protests across the Middle East inspired us to create a space for the most promising youth change agents from across the Middle East, North Africa, and United States to collaborate on their work, connect with global leaders and resources, and amplify their voices. Since then, AMENDS has brought together over 120 extraordinary youth leaders from eighteen countries, reached over 72,000 people from around the globe, and created relationships that will continue to transform the United States and the Middle East.


“I just was at the Doctor’s today and he was kind of surprised that I already started having some motion back in my paralyzed face, he asked what is it that I did or what treatment I took. I simply answered: I had the most amazing weekend with a bunch of talented successful yet crazy people who made laugh so loud. I thank you for being who you are and for every awesome second we spent together.” 

Nacer Mohamed, a proud Algerian Fulbright scholar.  
AMENDS 2014 Fellow


“Behind every amazing and thoughtful initiative was an equally amazing and inspiring person, and I count myself very lucky to have been among you in such a forum. A HUGE thank you to all of the AMENDS team for arranging that unique space for us and just for putting everything together in general — I am in awe of your superhuman kindness, diligence, and ability. I feel like I drew such incredible energy and inspiration from everyone at AMENDS, and I hope to channel that into working towards our shared goals of building greater understanding among peoples and emphasizing the importance of personal narratives in future discussions of the Middle East.” 

Grace Benton (USA), a graduate student at Georgetown focusing on changing the portrayals of refugees in the media as numbers or helpless victims through participatory videos. She taught 9th grade English and help to found a night school program for marginalized urban refugee populations in Amman, Jordan. 
AMENDS 2014 Fellow


“Meeting so many amazing people that I could share and develop my ideas with, made me feel inspired, reenergized and in some way, like I found a group I belong to.”

Hamza Arsbi (Jordan), believes that science has the power to solve many of society’s toughest challenges—from water shortages to clean energy needs. Hamza launched the Scientific Culture Society (SCS) to promote science education in Jordan, foster critical thinking among students, and improve public understanding of science. SCS engages students in learning through experimentation. In 2014 alone, more than 500 students participated in SCS activities and has now reached over 8 cities across Jordan.
AMENDS 2013 Fellow


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