DigiCosme Master Scholarships

DigiCosme is an excellence laboratory center (labex) in the field of computer science and communication. He brings together 10 leading player : CEACNRSCentraleSupelecENS Paris SaclayENSTA ParisTechEcole PolytechniqueInriaInstitut Mines-TélécomUniversité Paris SudUniversité Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in research, education and innovation in this field, members ofl’Université Paris-Saclay.

Each year, Labex DigiCosme offers Master scholarships to student which a very good academic standing.

Number of scholarships awarded per master’s degree

2018 – 22 2017 – 17 2016 – 18 2015 – 10 2014 – 13 2013 – 4 2012 – 4


Who can benefit from it ?

Any student wishing to pursue a master’s degree in the fields of IT and telecommunications at one of DigiCosme’s ten partner institutions. Applications from foreign students will be considered on a priority basis under this programme.

What are the conditions ?

Labex DigiCosme offers funding of 12 000€ per year.

  • Apply for a first year master’s degree (M1), or second year (M2) in one of the following master’s degrees.
  • If you enter the first year of a Master’s degree (M1), the scholarship is renewable for one year (subject to acceptance).
  • It cannot be combined with another scholarship.
  • DigiCosme will not cover the cost of transport and registration __not_.
  • The studies, including the internship, must take place in one of the member institutions of Paris Saclay University; the choice of an internship outside this scope entails the interruption of the scholarship.
  • The student holding a bursary is assigned a tutor from the Labex DigiCosme community.

Which training courses are concerned? ?

  • The program concerns the computer and telecommunications courses of the Paris-Saclay Master’s degree, paving the way for a thesis continuation in a Labex laboratory.
  • The programme also includes training courses linked to other mentions (Bioinformatique, E3A, Mathématiques…).

Masters eligible for DigiCosme scholarships

How to apply for ?

  • The student candidate in one of the master’s courses of l’Université Paris-Saclay
  • The student contacts the person in charge of his or her career path (either his or her M1 or M2 person in charge)
  • The master’s supervisor may ask the student for additional documents. __The person in charge of the course is the only one authorized to propose the student’s candidature.
  • No direct application (from students) will be accepted by Labex digicosme.

When to apply ?

Two evaluation sessions will be organised from March to June 2018. For each session, a deadline is set. Applications received after this deadline will be studied on the next session (except for those arriving after the last deadline, which will not be examined).Each student must be supplied his/her application to their supervisor, as soon as possible and in all cases one week before the submission date:

  • 1st session : Monday, march 11th 2019 – at noon (Paris time)
  • 2nd session Monday, june 3rd 2019 – at noon (Paris time)

Supporting Documents

Students wishing to apply for the grant will join to their academic application a personal statement explaining their motivation for joining the chosen master and pursuing a phd afterwards.

Which prospect?

Students are strongly advised to carry out an internship within Labex DigiCosme’s partner laboratories and to continue with a phd after completing their master.

Contact : master@digicosme.fr

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