Funded Doctoral Programme in Governance

This programme is a:

  • 3-year, English-language doctoral programme (180 ECTS)
  • Academic training in research design and methods
  • Strong advisory structure and close interaction with the school’s research community
  • No tuition fees, 10 cost-of-living stipends available

Why pursue a PhD at the Hertie School of Governance

  • The Doctoral Programme in Governance offers rigorous academic training in research design
  • Students learn cutting-edge methods and concepts in the field of governance
  • Invaluable opportunities to participate in the school’s research activities and benefit from close interaction with experienced faculty and researchers
  • An inspiring international student body and global alumni network
  • Regular opportunities to network with leaders from all sectors at exclusive events
  • Study in the heart of Berlin, one of Europe’s key political, cultural and thought hubs

Find out more about what we offer.

  • Explore all of the dissertations submitted to the Hertie School of Governance

Who is the programme for?

Candidates whose proposed research projects are in line with the fields of research represented by the Hertie School’s faculty. Applicants should have an exceptionally strong master’s degree (or equivalent) in economics, law, political science, sociology, public administration, Management, or related fields. [Meet our PhD students]

The Doctoral Programme in Governance is a full-time study programme.


During the first year, students prepare for their dissertation research through colloquia and common coursework in research design and methods. Students also benefit from a unique support structure for their independent research in the last phase of the programme. Skills workshops offering special training ranging from research methods to professional development complement the curriculum. [more]

Become a part of the Hertie School’s research community

The Doctoral Programme in Governance is integrated in the Hertie School’s research structure. PhD students are linked to research colloquia and work closely with faculty members on Research projects.


The Hertie School of Governance does not charge tuition fees for its doctoral programmes, but seeks to ensure that all admitted candidates have secured the financial means to support the three-year doctoral programme in Berlin. It therefore offers 10 living cost stipends of 1,250 euros per month (including 100 euros for research and travelling) for a period of three years.

PHD GLOBAL: Promotion of international exchange and careers abroad

The PHD GLOBAL project is promoted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the IPID4all programme. It supports the internationalization of the programme by providing funding for travel abroad, career development workshops, visiting PhD students, and cooperations with doctoral programmes abroad. [more]

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