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Supporting the communities in which we live and work has been an important part of Macquarie’s activities since our inception in 1969. In that time, our people have devoted thousands of hours to work with non-profit organisations around the world and contributed more than $A330 million to drive social change at the local community level

We are delighted to mark our 50th anniversary by extending this tradition with a further $A50 million commitment. It is expected to be awarded to five non-profit organisations ($A10 million each) over a five-year period to fund projects globally that will have a lasting community benefit.

This new global award seeks to initiate or build on bold ideas that address an area of social need. We encourage non-profits to be imaginative in their thinking about the enduring outcomes they can achieve with this funding.

Applications are now open and will close at 5pm, Friday 16 November 2018. Applications will not be accepted after this time.

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About the Award

Macquarie’s 50th Anniversary Award will be shared by approximately five organisations globally, with funding to be delivered over a period of five years.

Award objectives:

  • to build on an eligible organisation’s ability to address an area of social need
  • to encourage eligible organisations to be bold in their thinking about how to address social needs
  • to support excellence in the implementation of these bold ideas
  • to publicly promote the selected organisations’ work and inspire continuing best practice within the social sector.

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Application criteria and eligibility1

Applicant organisations need to meet the following criteria:

  • must be a registered non-profit within the applicable country and have audited financial statements and a board of directors
  • must have a current annual operating budget of minimum $A4 million
  • must demonstrate that it has been in operation for a minimum of three years
  • must be able to provide evidence or data to support the expected outcomes of their proposed project (either the organisation’s own data if a project is already underway, or research done elsewhere if a new project is proposed)
  • the proposed project must be delivered within five years upon receipt of funds or demonstrate a strong ongoing sustainability model following the five-year funding period. Funds will be released according to an agreed project timeline.

1 This Award excludes applications requesting funding for research, capital (endowment) campaigns, sporting organisations, schools or religious institutions set up for the purposes of religious teaching.


Applications are now open and will close at 5pm, Friday 16 November 2018. Applications will not be accepted after this time.

The Award selection process will have two stages, starting with the global call for applications, followed by a formal application phase for selected applicants. Finalists and winners will be announced from May 2019.

We recommend that you draft your responses to the questions in the application form using this template before you submit your application online.

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Macquarie Group Foundation

The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group, a global diversified financial group. The Foundation provides support to hundreds of community organisations globally each year through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing.

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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Macquarie’s 50th Anniversary Award.

We recommend that you draft your responses to the questions in the application form using this template before you submit your nomination online.

You can refer to the frequently asked questions at any time.

Eligibility criteria

Please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria before you submit an application for this Award.

You must answer yes to the following questions on behalf of your non-profit organisation.

  1. Are you a non-profit organisation in the country in which you are registered?
  2. Does your organisation have current audited financial statements?
  3. Has your organisation been operating for at least three years?
  4. Was your organisation’s annual revenue more than $A4 million last financial year?

Request for Applications (RFA) Conditions

Please read Macquarie’s 50th Anniversary Award Request for Applications (RFA) Conditions carefully before proceeding to the application form.


1.1 Acceptance

By proceeding to submit an Application, you confirm that you are authorised to do so on behalf of your organisation, and that you agree to be bound by these RFA Conditions.

1.2 Purpose of this Request for Application (‘RFA’)

The purpose of this Request for Application (“RFA”) is to identify a potential recipient, or a shortlist of potential recipients, with whom Macquarie Group (“Macquarie”) may negotiate a contract for a Funding Agreement for an award to mark Macquarie’s 50th Anniversary.

The outcome of this process will be determined at Macquarie’s discretion on a consideration of the merits of each Applicant.

1.3 About Macquarie Group and the Macquarie Group Foundation

Macquarie provides a full range of investment banking, commercial and retail financial services, and specialist services in a range of sectors, focussing on areas that match Macquarie’s business expertise to deliver real advantages to clients worldwide.

The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group and provides support to hundreds of community organisations globally each year through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing.

More information can be found at the following sites:

1.4 Governing law and jurisdiction

This RFA process and your submitted Application is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.The Applicant submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the jurisdiction named above in relation to any dispute arising from this RFA or from its Application.

1.5 Compliance with laws

The Applicant agrees to comply with all laws as they may be applicable to it in relation to the RFA and the submission of the Application. This includes, but is not limited, applicable laws relating anti-bribery, corruption, anti-money laundering and Financial Crime. Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold Macquarie harmless in respect of any breach of such laws.

1.6 Contract term

The proposed contract term for the provision of the Award in accordance with the Scope is for 5 years (or for another time period as determined by Macquarie at its discretion).


2.1 RFA Conditions

These RFA Conditions apply on submission by the Applicant of an application. If the Applicant does not accept all of these RFA Conditions it will not be entitled to participate further in this process.

2.2 Extension of closing date

Macquarie may extend the time for submitting Applications at its discretion at any time prior to the Closing Date by giving written notice of the extension to all Applicants.

2.3 Late or non-compliant Applications

Macquarie will not be obliged to consider any Application submitted later than the Closing Date or otherwise not totally in accordance with these RFA Conditions. Macquarie may, in its sole and absolute discretion, permit any Application lodged after the Closing Date to be admitted for evaluation.

2.4 Application response

The Application is binding on the Applicant. Applications must be submitted within the fields provided. Attachments are permitted, only to be uploaded where indicated. An Application cannot be withdrawn or varied after it has been submitted to Macquarie except with the written consent of Macquarie.

2.5 Information provided by Macquarie

  • All information relating to this RFA provided by Macquarie, whether in the RFA or not, is provided in good faith to assist the Applicant to assess and respond to the RFA. Macquarie makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information.
  • The Applicant acknowledges that Macquarie is not liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered by an Applicant as a result of any inaccuracy or inadequacy in any information it provides to the Applicant or any reliance on such information by the Applicant.

2.6 Applicant must make own investigations and enquiries

  • The Applicant must not rely solely on the information provided by Macquarie. The Applicant must make all necessary investigations for it to become thoroughly informed about the subject matter of the RFA. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to interpret and assess the relevance, accuracy and adequacy of the information provided by Macquarie.
  • The Applicant will be expected to have examined all information which is relevant to the risks, contingencies and other circumstances which could affect its Application and which is obtainable by it by making reasonable enquiries.
  • The Applicant may request clarification or elaboration from Macquarie of anything contained in the RFA or other information provided. All requests must be in writing to

2.7 Errors

If the Applicant finds any discrepancy, error or omission in this RFA or its Application after its submission to Macquarie, the Applicant must notify Macquarie in writing of such discrepancy, error or omission immediately.

2.8 Costs and expenses

All costs and expenses associated with the preparation of a response and submission of an Application will be the responsibility of the Applicant.

2.9 Ownership of documentation

All Applications and supporting documents (including any presentations or meetings called at Macquarie’s discretion) submitted in response to this RFA become the property of Macquarie. Applicants submit documents in response to this RFA on the basis that Macquarie may use, retain and copy the information contained in those documents for the purposes of the evaluation, selection and preparation of any contract with respect to this RFA.

In addition, Macquarie may disclose Application documents or any part of the Application documents to a third party for the purposes of assisting Macquarie in the conduct of the RFA process, including Application evaluation, negotiation and preparation of any contract. Macquarie will obtain appropriate confidentiality undertakings from the third party prior to disclosure.

2.10 Application acceptance

Macquarie is not bound to accept any Application and reserves the right in its absolute discretion to vary, suspend or abandon this RFA.

Upon submission of an Application, all communication with respect to this RFA between Macquarie and the Applicant shall be solely at the discretion of Macquarie except as otherwise provided herein.

Macquarie has absolute and sole discretion in relation to the RFA process, the evaluation of Applications, and the selection of a preferred or successful Applicant. In particular, Macquarie:

  • may accept one or more Applications, or negotiate with one or more preferred Applicants;
  • may accept the whole or any part of an Application, and may accept an Application either conditionally or unconditionally;
  • is not bound to accept any Application or to enter into an Agreement;
  • reserves the right to accept non-conforming Applications; and
  • is not under any obligation to enter into discussions with Applicants in relation to the rejection of an Application or give reasons for not accepting any Application.

2.11 Confidentiality

The RFA, all related documents and emails, the information disclosed during all RFA related discussions, meetings, presentations and communications and Applications are considered to be Confidential Information for the purposes of the Confidentiality Agreement.  The Applicant is to treat all information provided in this RFA and in any related discussions and correspondence with confidentiality.  No information therein is to be disclosed to any third party without the express written approval of Macquarie.

2.12 Macquarie name and logo

Referencing Macquarie by name in Applicant’s Application issued in response to this RFA is acceptable however Applicants are not permitted to reproduce the Macquarie logo in their Application or in any other promotional material, client lists or presentations. In addition, Applicants are not permitted to use the Macquarie name in any promotional material, client lists or presentations.

2.13 No contractual relationship established

This RFA is an invitation to treat only and is not an offer to provide any award, goods and/or services. Submission of an Application does not create any obligation on Macquarie to enter into an Agreement with the Applicant in any way unless and until the Application is accepted by Macquarie and a formal written contract has been executed. A written notice of acceptance from Macquarie will not of itself confer any rights nor constitute any commitment by Macquarie to contract with that Applicant. No binding contract or other understanding will exist between Macquarie and any Applicant organisation until a formal written contract has been executed. If a formal contract is executed, this RFA, any Applications submitted in response and any subsequent clarifications may all be referenced documents under that contract.

2.14 No right of recourse

Any decision made by Macquarie in relation to the selection of an Applicant(s) will be final. Macquarie is not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by an Applicant in preparing and submitting the Application irrespective of whether it’s successful or not in this RFA.

2.15 Conflict of interest

If during the RFA process a conflict of interest arises, or appears likely to arise, the Applicant must notify Macquarie immediately in writing and take such steps as Macquarie may reasonably require to resolve or otherwise deal with the conflict. If the Applicant fails to notify Macquarie or is unable or unwilling to resolve the conflict as required, the Application may be excluded from further consideration.

2.16 Questions or clarifications

  • Applicants may seek clarification of the meaning or the content of the RFA, or request additional information beyond that contained in the RFA. The Applicant must direct all requests to the nominated Macquarie Contact. All requests must be in writing. Requests by email are acceptable.
  • No advice may be sought from any other Macquarie employee assisting Macquarie in this RFA.
  • Any material response or information provided by Macquarie will be given by Macquarie to all Applicants and any specific response or information may be provided to all other Applicants or only to the enquiring Applicant at the absolute discretion of Macquarie.
  • The source of the queries will be treated in confidence.
  • Macquarie is not bound to provide the information requested.

2.17 Negotiation

Macquarie may engage one or more Applicants in detailed discussions and negotiations with the objective of maximising the benefits of the Application responses or to fully understand an Applicant’s offer.

2.18 Preferred Applicant status

Macquarie may select an Applicant as a preferred Applicant, but such selection:

  • does not affect or limit Macquarie’s rights or the Applicant’s obligations under the RFA;
  • is not a representation that a contract will be entered into between Macquarie and that Applicant; and
  • does not preclude Macquarie from negotiating with any other Applicant whether or not an Applicant has been selected as one of the preferred Applicant.

2.19 Virus protection

Macquarie employs anti-virus measures.  However, in facilitating this RFA via electronic means, Macquarie cannot warrant that any electronic RFA or other documents sent will be virus-free and accepts no liability for the consequences of a virus-related event.  Applicants should exercise their own anti-virus measures before opening any files which Macquarie has provided or accessing the RFA portal.


3.1 Application process

The Award selection process will proceed as follows:

  • The Closing Date for Applications will be on Friday, 16 November 2018.
  • Shortlisted finalists will be contacted following the Closing Date at which point more details may be requested by Macquarie.
  • Recipients will be announced in 2019.

3.2 Macquarie Contact

Enquiries in relation to this RFA can be submitted to Macquarie via the following email address:

3.3 Interpretation

In this RFA, unless the context otherwise requires:

Agreement” means the agreement, substantially in the form of the proposed Funding Agreement (or alternate Terms & Conditions as specified by Macquarie), to be entered into between the successful Applicant(s) and Macquarie.

Applicant” or “you” means a company or consortium that is registered non-profit organisation and submits an Application pursuant to this invitation.

Application” means the written submission to this RFA and any subsequent clarifications made by the Applicant pursuant to and in accordance with these RFA Conditions.

Award” means funds awarded by Macquarie (at its absolute discretion) to the successful recipient in response to thus RFA.

Closing Date” means the time and date for the close of this RFA set out on this website, which can be changed by Macquarie at its discretion.

Macquarie Contact” means a named individual who forms the sole point of contact for matters relating to this RFA.

Macquarie”, “Macquarie Group” and “MGL” means Macquarie Group Limited (ABN 94 122 169 279) and its Related Bodies Corporate including Macquarie Bank Limited (MBL), Macquarie Group Services Australia Pty Limited (MGSA) and Macquarie Capital Group Limited (MCGL).

Related Bodies Corporate” or “Related Body Corporate” means a company which controls, is controlled by or is under the common control of another company and includes all terminology with equivalent meaning under the laws of any jurisdiction outside Australia.

Request for Application” or “RFA” means this invitation issued by Macquarie to each Applicant to submit an Application in accordance with these RFA Conditions.

RFA Conditions” means the terms and conditions that govern this RFA process.

Recipient” means the successful entity that is ultimately selected by Macquarie and who enters into an Agreement with Macquarie to receive an award.


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