60 Jobs Vacancies at the UNOPS

Listed here are 60 jobs vacancies at the UNOPS. Click on each opportunity for details and to apply on the job website.

Title Level Duty Station Closing Date
Chief Executive OfficerHealth | Leadership | Programme Management D2 Geneva, Switzerland 31-Oct-2018
Finance Assistant – TransactionFinance LICA-3 Bangkok, Thailand 20-Oct-2018
Finance Assistant – PayrollFinance LICA-3 Bangkok, Thailand 20-Oct-2018
Programme Coordination OfficerAdministration | Programme Management LICA Specialist-9 Yangon, Myanmar 17-Oct-2018
Learning and Knowledge Management SpecialistProgramme Management IICA-2 Yangon, Myanmar 17-Oct-2018
Partnerships & Infrastructure SpecialistCommunications | Project Management | Partnerships IICA-3 Yangon, Myanmar 15-Oct-2018
Chef d’Equipe/Chef du Bureau de Gestion du Programme – PMO (Republication)Engineering | Leadership IICA-4 Niamey, Niger 15-Oct-2018
Geographic Information System (GIS) & Data Management AnalystIT LICA Specialist-8 Colombo with field visits to Batticaloa, Trincomalee & Mullaithivu, Sri Lanka 15-Oct-2018
Project Support OfficerProject Management IICA-2 Djibouti, Djibouti 14-Oct-2018
Africa Region LCPC SecretaryAdministration LICA-7 Copenhagen, Denmark 14-Oct-2018
Programme SpecialistProgramme Management IICA-1 Nairobi, Kenya 14-Oct-2018
Logistics and Asset Management AnalystAdministration LICA Specialist-9 Mogadishu, Somalia 14-Oct-2018
Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO)Security | Demining IICA-2 Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo 14-Oct-2018
Facilities ManagerAdministration IICA-2 Multiple, South Sudan 14-Oct-2018
Associé(e) en CommunicationCommunications LICA-6 Bangui, Central African Republic 13-Oct-2018
Assistant Administratif de ProvinceAdministration LICA-5 Uvira et Kalemie, Democratic Republic of the Congo 12-Oct-2018
Assistant en Technologie de l’Information et de la CommunicationIT LICA-5 Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo 12-Oct-2018
Chargé d’Appui au ProjetFinance | Project Management | Procurement IICA-1 BUKAVU, Democratic Republic of the Congo 12-Oct-2018
Associé (e) Sécurité et LogistiqueAdministration | Security LICA-6 KALEMIE, Democratic Republic of the Congo 12-Oct-2018
Asistente de Finanzas – Cierre de ProyectosFinance LICA-4 Lima, Peru 11-Oct-2018
Finance SpecialistFinance IICA-2 Geneva, Switzerland 11-Oct-2018
Administrative AssistantAdministration LICA-5 Jakarta, Indonesia 11-Oct-2018
Resource Mobilization SpecialistPartnerships IICA-2 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 11-Oct-2018
Grants and Contracts Management AssistantAdministration | Finance | Project Management LICA-5 Jakarta, Indonesia 11-Oct-2018
Administration and Financial OfficerAdministration | Finance LICA Specialist-9 Kathmandu, Nepal 11-Oct-2018
Project managerAdministration LICA Specialist-10 Kathmandu, Nepal 11-Oct-2018
Chief Information Security Officer – CISOAudit | IT IICA-3 Copenhagen, Denmark 11-Oct-2018
Administrative OfficerAdministration IICA-2 Geneva, Switzerland 10-Oct-2018
Associé aux achatsProcurement LICA-6 Bangui, Central African Republic 10-Oct-2018
Programme AdviserProgramme Management IICA-3 Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic 10-Oct-2018
ICT Project AssistantAdministration G5 New York, United States of America 10-Oct-2018
Asistente de adquisicionesProcurement LICA-4 Lima, Peru 10-Oct-2018
Senior ERP Change and Coordination OfficerIT | Project Management | Programme Management P5 New York, United States of America 10-Oct-2018
Cybersecurity ExpertIT P2 New York, United States of America 10-Oct-2018
Consultor/a en Normativa de Transporte (Ecuador)Legal LICA Specialist-8 Cuenca, Ecuador 10-Oct-2018
Programme Finance OfficerFinance | Programme Management LICA Specialist-9 Yangon, Myanmar 10-Oct-2018
Budget AssistantFinance LICA-5 Mogadishu, Somalia 09-Oct-2018
Process Design AdvisorIT | Project Management P4 New York, United States of America 09-Oct-2018
Auxiliar de RegistrosAdministration LICA-3 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09-Oct-2018
Assistant to Programme CoordinatorAdministration LICA-5 Phnom Penh, Cambodia 09-Oct-2018
Senior Web / Database DeveloperIT IICA-1 Copenhagen, Denmark 09-Oct-2018
Strategic Finance and Reporting SpecialistFinance IICA-3 Yangon, Myanmar 08-Oct-2018
Instructeur(trice) en Gestion et Sécurisation des StocksDemining IICA-2 Bamako, Mali 08-Oct-2018
Procurement SpecialistProcurement IICA-2 Bangkok, Thailand 08-Oct-2018
OperatorCommunications LICA-6 Kabul, Afghanistan 08-Oct-2018
Consultant pour la capitalisation des campagnes de dépistage auprès des populations à comportement à risque (Retainer)Health LICA Specialist-10 Tunis, Tunisia 08-Oct-2018
Special AssistantAdministration IICA-2 Geneva, Switzerland 07-Oct-2018
ICT AssistantIT LICA-5 Gebze, Turkey 07-Oct-2018
Payroll Support DeveloperIT LICA-6 Bangkok, Thailand 06-Oct-2018
Budget AnalystFinance LICA Specialist-9 Mogadishu, Somalia 06-Oct-2018
Intelligent Process Automation and Hardware Integration SpecialistIT IICA-3 Home based 06-Oct-2018
GIS and Mapping AssistantIT LICA-5 Kampala, Uganda 05-Oct-2018
Communication and Reporting OfficerCommunications IICA-1 Erbil, Iraq 05-Oct-2018
Human Resources AssistantHuman Resources LICA-4 Copenhagen, Denmark 04-Oct-2018
Arquitecto/aProject Management LICA-7 Buenos Aires, Argentina 04-Oct-2018
Asistente en ArquitecturaProject Management LICA-5 Buenos Aires, Argentina 04-Oct-2018
DriverAdministration LICA-2 Colombo / Batticaloa / Trincomalee / Mullaithivu / Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka 03-Oct-2018
Renewable Energy SpecialistEngineering LICA Specialist-10 Sana’a, Yemen 03-Oct-2018
Spécialiste aux Achats – RepublicationProcurement IICA-2 Dakar, Senegal 03-Oct-2018
Project Support AssistantAdministration LICA-4 Valencia, Spain 03-Oct-2018


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