Five Internship Vacancies at the UN Climate Change

Listed below are five internship opportunities at the UN Climate Change. Click on each opportunity for details and to apply on the job website.

Job Title Programme Application period
Intern » Stakeholder and Regional Support, Sustainable Development Mechanisms programme 24 Aug – 16 Sep
Intern » Training and Certification, Mitigation, Data & Analysis programme 15 Aug – 02 Sep
Intern » Training and Certification – January-February 2019, Mitigation, Data & Analysis programme 15 Aug – 16 Sep
Intern » National Adaptation Plans and Policy, Adaptation programme 23 Jul – 02 Sep
Intern » Knowledge Management, Sustainable Development Mechanisms programme 13 Jul – 30 Sep

How to apply

1. Register

When applying for UNFCCC vacancy announcements please only use the on-line application system. Simply click on the “apply now” button next to the vacancy announcement. To start the application process, you will first be asked to register as a user with the UNFCCC Online Application System.

2. Application process

Once you are registered as a user, you can apply for an existing vacancy by completing your Personal History Form (P.11)in our on-line application system.

You can also complete the form now and store your profile for one vacancy or more in the future. The profile you create can be accessed and up-dated regularly.

Please do not try to attach any additional documents. If you are invited for an interview, you will be required to provide documentary evidence to support the statements you make in your on-line application form.

3. Acknowledgement

Online applications will be immediately acknowledged to the email address that you have used. If you do not receive an e-acknowledgement within 24 hours of submission, your application/s may not have been received. In such cases, please contact

When you receive an automatic notification, there is no need to submit another application on-line or by other means.

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