27 Climate & Disaster Resilience Job Vacancies at the UNDP

UNDP works to integrate issues of climate, disaster risk and energy at the country level, and focuses on building resilience and ensuring that development remains risk-informed and sustainable. The UNDP is now hiring expert practitioners for the 27 assignments listed below. Click on each assignment for details and to apply on the job website.

International expert on development of wildfire danger monitoring system Aug-21-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant for NDC-SDG Synchronization. Aug-21-18 APPLY NOW
Technical Coordinator for Feasibility Studies of biodiversity finance solutions in Thailand Aug-21-18 APPLY NOW
* Coordonnateur du projet “BIOFIN” Aug-22-18 APPLY NOW
IC/UNDP/EU-MULTIDOOR/51812/058/2018-Senior Specialist for Multidoor Law Enforcement Intra-Agencies Coordination Aug-23-18 APPLY NOW
Senior Expert in Montreal Protocol Implementation – Customs Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Technical Editor – Editing of NAFOLA Project Knowledge Management Products Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Consultant – Development of livestock marketing Strategies for the Auction Kraal in Tallismanus Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Consultant – Environmental Governance/Natural Resource Management – Project Development Specialist Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant – Terminal Evaluation Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
National Consultant – Terminal Evaluation Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Gender Specialist – Training of Trainers on Gender mainstreaming in the Forest Sector Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Consultant – Long Term Financing Mechanism for the Forest Sector Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant – GEF Terminal Evaluation Aug-25-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant to conduct midterm evaluation for Drini Project Aug-26-18 APPLY NOW
Engagement Advisor, Invest4Climate Aug-26-18 APPLY NOW
Re-Advertisement – National Consultant – Water Supply Engineer – Climate Resilient Drinking Water Supply Aug-28-18 APPLY NOW
* Project Management Associate Aug-28-18 APPLY NOW
Lead Expert on Low-Carbon Rural Housing Project Design Aug-30-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant on Gender and SESA for Rural Housing Project Design Aug-31-18 APPLY NOW
National Consultant – GEF Terminal Evaluation Aug-31-18 APPLY NOW
1(one) International Consultant and 1(one)National (Team of Consultants) Aug-31-18 APPLY NOW
* Communications Analyst Sep-2-18 APPLY NOW
International Consultant – GEF Mid Term Evaluation Sep-5-18 APPLY NOW
International Environmental Law Consultant Sep-6-18 APPLY NOW
National Legal Specialist (For Lao citizen only) Sep-6-18 APPLY NOW
* Finance Assistant ‘Accelerating the transformational change to a low carbon economy in the Republic of Mauritius’ (Open to Mauritian Nationality Only) Sep-14-18


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