12 Crisis Response Job Vacancies at the UNDP

Listed below are 12 Crisis Response job vacancies in UNDP offices across the world. Click on each position for details and to apply on the job. To help communities reduce and manage risks, humanitarian and development actors need to incorporate resilience-building and recovery into crisis response. UNDP makes a critical contribution to these efforts, by being present on the ground immediately after the onset of a crisis and linking humanitarian response to long term recovery.

* Information Management Assistant Aug-21-18 APPLY NOW
* Programme Support Officer Aug-22-18 APPLY NOW
* Project Manager/Context Analysis SC-10 Aug-22-18 APPLY NOW
* Project Analyst Aug-22-18 APPLY NOW
* Oversight Specialist Aug-23-18 APPLY NOW
* Programme Specialist (Risk and Preparedness) Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
* Coordonnateur du Projet d’Appui au Centre de Préparation aux missions de maintien de paix de Samoreya,Kindia Aug-24-18 APPLY NOW
Expert in Business Support and Development Aug-26-18 APPLY NOW
* Assistant Administratif et Financier du Projet PBF Aug-28-18 APPLY NOW
* Chauffeur du projet PBF Aug-28-18 APPLY NOW
ONUMUJERES/ECU/PS 18-012 Consultor/a para apoyar trabajo de ONU Mujeres en frontera norte (Ecuador) en coordinación con ACNUR, con el fin de promover el empoderamiento económico y protección de mujeres en situación de movilidad humana Aug-29-18 APPLY NOW
* Specialiste Genre et Developpement Projet Consolidation de la Paix dans le Pool (PBF) Aug-31-18 APPLY NOW
* Specilaiste en Suivi et Evaluation Projet Consolidation de la Paix dans le Pool (PBF) Aug-31-18 APPLY NOW


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