16 Vacancies at the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals

Listed below are 16 vacancies at the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. Click on each position for details and to apply on the job website.

Position Deadline
Chief, Information Technology Support Section, P-4
18-IST-RMT-102552-R-THE HAGUE (R)
15 Sep 2018
Head, Application Management Unit, P-3, Arusha
18-IST-RMT-102554-R-ARUSHA (R)
15 Sep 2018
Head, Operations Unit, P-3
18-IST-RMT-102556-R-THE HAGUE (R)
15 Sep 2018
Investigator (Fugitive and Investigations Unit), P-3, Arusha
18-ING-RMT-102408-R-ARUSHA (R)
14 Sep 2018
Legal Advisor, P-4, Arusha
18-LEG-RMT-102401-R-ARUSHA (R)
14 Sep 2018
Security Officer, G-4
14 Sep 2018
Intelligence Analyst (Military), P-3, Arusha
21 Aug 2018
Finance Clerk, G-5, Arusha (Duration: until 31 December 2018)
27 Aug 2018
Assistant Legal Officer, P-1
20 Aug 2018
Audiovisual Archives Assistant, G-5 (2 posts)
8 Sep 2018
Public Information Assistant, G-5
5 Sep 2018
Finance Clerk, G-4, 2 posts
28 Aug 2018
Chief, Registry, P-5 Arusha Branch
18-LEG-RMT-101380-R-ARUSHA (R)
25 Aug 2018
Legal Officer, P-3
18-LEG-RMT-101255-R-THE HAGUE ( R )
25 Aug 2018
Information Management Assistant, G-5
22 Aug 2018
Chef de Cabinet, OTP, P-5
18-LEG-RMT-100667-R-THE HAGUE (R)
23 Aug 2018

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