41 Junior and Professional Job Vacancies at the IAEA (United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency)

Listed below are 41 junior and professional job vacancies at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Click on each opportunity for details and to apply on the job website.

Requisition Title Location Actions
Project Engineer(P3)  Vienna Apply
Talent Pipeline for Human Health Professionals and Experts Austria Apply
Coordination Officer(P3)  Vienna Apply
Implementation Assistant(G5)  Vienna Apply
Associate Industrial Technologist (P2)  Vienna Apply
Medical Physicist (Diagnostic Radiology)(P4)  Vienna Apply
Laboratory Head (Dosimetry Laboratory)(P5)   Seibersdorf Apply
Associate Safeguards Information Analyst (Statistical Data)(P2)  Vienna Apply
Director (TCAP)(D1)  Vienna Apply
Nuclear Engineer (Infrastructure)(P4)  Vienna Apply
Section Head (French Language)(P5)  Vienna Apply
Database Administrator(P2)  Vienna Apply
Nuclear Safety Officer(P4)  Vienna Apply
Software Engineer(P3)  Vienna Apply
Dosimetrist (Quality Audits)(P2)  Seibersdorf Apply
Expert/Lecturer Technical Cooperation Programme Field Apply
Quality Management Specialist (Unattended Systems)(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Associate Data Integration Officer(SGIS)(P2)  Vienna Apply  
Executive Assistant(G5)  Vienna Apply  
Safeguards Information Analyst (Nuclear Trade)(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Procurement Assistant(G6)  Vienna Apply  
Consultant – Advice on COP23 and the Intl Conference on Climate Change  Vienna Apply  
Finance and Accounting Associate (SGIS)(P2)  Vienna Apply  
Nuclear Medicine Physician(P4)  Vienna Apply  
Consultant-IT Security (Security Systems Unit, MTIT)  Vienna Apply  
IT Linux Systems Engineer (SGIS)(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Nuclear Security Officer (Response MORC)(P4)  Vienna Apply  
Radiation Safety and Monitoring Specialist(P4)  Lower  Seibersdorf Apply  
Associate Digital Services Officer(P2)  Vienna Apply  
Programme Management Officer(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Nuclear Security Officer (INSSP)(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Administrative Assistant(G6) Monac Apply  
Executive Assistant(G5) Vienna Apply  
Staff Relations Specialist(P4)  Vienna Apply  
Language Services Assistant (Russian)(G5)  Vienna Apply  
Shuttle Bus Driver(G3)  Vienna Apply  
Unit Head (Finance)(P4)  Vienna Apply  
Technical Programme Coordination Officer(P3)  Vienna Apply  
Section Head (SG-Operations-Coordination and Support)(P5)  Vienna Apply  
Project Assistant(G4)  Vienna Apply  
Business Analyst (SG)(P3)  Vienna Apply  

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