OPEC Visiting Research Fellow Programme 2018

The Visiting Research Fellow Programme (VRFP) is an innovative approach to human capacity development and is designed to help professionals from OPEC Member Countries improve their expertise and technical skills in research in an array of energy-related issues. It does this by providing participants with the opportunity to become involved in the Secretariat’s research operation through practical experience and ‘learning by doing’.

Professional Benefits to Fellows
Participants in the VRFP benefit from being in the programme through:

  • Involvement and close participation in the Secretariat’s research programme and
  • Contributing to ongoing projects in the Secretariat and strengthening of
    networks with Member Country professionals;
  • Gaining experience at the Secretariat and deepening their knowledge of OPEC
    and understanding of its goals, priorities and activities;
  • Opportunities to involve themselves in cutting-edge research and hands-on
    experience of policy issues in climate change and on a range of energy-related
  • Enhancing their professional experience through practical work assignments;
  • Exposure to a rich international environment and interaction with researchers
    from OPEC Members and other countries;
  • Broadening their career possibilities as a result of the experience and insights
    gained at OPEC.

General Eligibility Requirements
The programme is open to applicants from Member Countries only.

  • They must be nominated and supported by their respective OPEC Governors;
    Applicants should be professionals with a minimum of five years of relevant work
  • Applicants must be familiar with research methodology and should have a proven
    record of research experience;
  • Participants are expected to be able to undertake the programme in English, which is
    the working language of the Secretariat;
  • Applications must be submitted through the relevant Governor for OPEC.

Expected Outcome/Deliverables

  • Participants in the programme will be involved directly in the research undertakings at the Secretariat and will contribute to them;
  • Participants are required to deliver a report to the Secretariat on the findings of  their research projects;
  • Participants are required to make a presentation at the end of their assignments and to discuss their research findings with members of the Secretariat.

All intellectual property arising from research by the programme’s participants belongs to the Secretariat. An intellectual property and confidentiality agreement will be signed before a successful participant is formally accepted into the programme.
Duration & Working Hours
The duration of the programme will be six months. The Visiting Research Fellows are expected to observe the official working hours of the Secretariat.
Allowances, Accommodation, Travel and Insurance
Participants are required to have paid employment and to be able to fully support
themselves financially while staying in Vienna, and they must provide adequate evidence of this through their nominating Governors before they can be admitted to the programme.
The Secretariat will provide each participant with a monthly honorarium of €1,000 to assist with extra expenses. However, the Secretariat will not cover any costs related to the accommodation or travel of participants or their dependents. Participants must arrange their own health/sickness insurance and provide evidence that they possess adequate health coverage before arriving in Vienna. The Secretariat will not be responsible for any health or sickness claims stemming from the fellowship period. With regard to accident insurance at the workplace, the Secretariat will enroll participants in its accident insurance scheme for the duration of their stay in the programme at the Secretariat.
Application Evaluation Criterion
Candidates’ professional merit and potential for successful research will be the main
consideration when evaluating the applicants.
Application Procedure
Applicants are required to complete the application form, which includes writing an
elaborate research proposal that should centre on any of the topics listed below. Applicants are also requested to attach their latest Curriculum Vitae to the completed application form. The following are the research topics available in the different Departments/Office/Unit at the Secretariat for the 2018 VRFP:
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