Over 90 Job Vacancies at UNOPS

Second slideUNOPS offers a range of short and long-term positions for a range of roles in various locations around the world. We offer a range of short and long-term positions for a range of roles in various locations around the world.

Gestor/a de Proyecto (Project Manager) IICA-2 20-Jun
Senior Interagency and Strategic Alliant P4 20-Jun
Associate Programme Officer – Multiple IICA-1 17-Jun
Senior Consultant Procurement Advisory IICA-3 17-Jun
Programme Officer – Multiple IICA-2 14-Jun
Translator/ Liaison Assistant LICA-5 14-Jun
Programme Management Officer IICA-2 13-Jun
Liaison Officer / Translator LICA 10 13-Jun
Information Management Assistant LICA-5 13-Jun
Associate Operations Officer LICA  8 13-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
Field Procurement Officer Other 12-Jun
ChaufeurAdministration LICA-2 12-Jun
Assistant (e) aux finances LICA-6 12-Jun
Ingénieurs Superviseurs diers LICA  8 12-Jun
Personal Assistant to the High Rep LICA-5 12-Jun
Analyste Ressources Humaines et à l’Adm IICA-1 12-Jun
Associate Programme Officer LICA  9 12-Jun
Project Manager (Engineer) LICA  10 11-Jun
Coordinador/a Técnico/a de Proyecto IICA-1 11-Jun
Gestionnaire (s) de Chantier (s) multiples LICA  10 11-Jun
Procurement and QA Officer (health products LICA  10 10-Jun
CLME+ Technical Translations Reviser (retainer) IICA-1 10-Jun
Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Advisor IICA-2 10-Jun
Operations SpecialistProject Management IICA-2 10-Jun
Grants and Financial AnalystFinance IICA-1 10-Jun
Consultor/a Senior en Estructuras de Edif LICA  10 10-Jun
Promotor(a) SocialCommunications LICA-7 10-Jun
Especialista en Informática e Implementa LICA  8 10-Jun
Partnership Specialist (retainer) IICA-3 10-Jun
Logistics AssistantAdministrati LICA-5 10-Jun
Head of FinanceFinance P4 10-Jun
Programme AssistantProgramm LICA-5 09-Jun
Information Systems OfficerIT P3 08-Jun
Senior Technical Writer (Roster IICA-3 08-Jun
Human Resources Assistant LICA-4 08-Jun
Associé (e) aux Opérations LICA-6 07-Jun
Auxiliar técnico/aProject Mgt LICA-4 07-Jun
Information Systems Technician G5 07-Jun
Roads Construction Project Manager LICA  10 07-Jun
Especialista Jurídico em PPP – Retainer LICA  10 07-Jun
Especialista en Proyectos con Participa LICA  9 07-Jun
Planning and Coordination Officer IICA-1 06-Jun
Chef de Projet (Transactionnel ) LICA  9 06-Jun
Construction ManagerEng LICA  9 06-Jun
Human Resources Analyst IICA-1 06-Jun
Programme Specialist IICA-2 05-Jun
Explosive Remnant of War Risk Edu LICA-7 05-Jun
Financial Management Specialist P3 05-Jun
Project Manager – Transactional LICA  10 05-Jun
Procurement Officer (non-health)_ LICA  9 05-Jun
Partnerships AssociatePartnerships Other 05-Jun
Grants AssociateAdministration LICA-6 05-Jun
Area Focal PointAdministration | LICA-3 05-Jun
Contract Management Advisor – IICA-3 04-Jun
Diesel Generator Engineer IICA-2 04-Jun
Procurement AdvisorProcu IICA-3 04-Jun
Collaboration Support AnalystIT IICA-1 04-Jun
Ingeniero/a de Pavimentos LICA  10 04-Jun
Conductor/aAdministration LICA-2 04-Jun
Digital Industrial Engineer IICA-2 03-Jun
Gerente de Proyecto LICA  10 03-Jun
Fund and Country Manager IICA-4 03-Jun
Web and Graphic Design Consultant IICA-1 03-Jun
Project ManagerProject Management LICA  10 03-Jun
Civil Engineer (Retainer)Communi LICA  8 02-Jun
Digital Projects Coordinator / Know IICA-2 02-Jun
EditorCommunications IICA-2 02-Jun
Web DeveloperCommunications | IT IICA-2 02-Jun
Programme OfficerAdministration P3 01-Jun
Assistant(e) administratif (ve) et fin LICA-5 01-Jun
Technology Innovation OfficerIT P3 31-May
Material EngineerEngineering LICA-7 31-May
Senior Water Network EngineerEng LICA  9 31-May
Survey EngineerCommunications LICA-7 31-May
Community Mobilization Associate LICA-6 31-May
Health and Safety Associate (H&S LICA-7 31-May
Project Manager – Gas for Gaza (G IICA-2 31-May
Financial Management & Systems LICA  10 31-May
Analyst on Electricity Market’s Dev LICA  8 31-May
Head of ProjectsProject Management P5 31-May
Chef de Projet (Re-advertisement) IICA-3 31-May
Procurement Officer (Re-advertise LICA  9 31-May
ICT OfficerIT LICA  8 31-May
Country Manager (Re-Advertisement) IICA-3 31-May
DriverAdministration LICA-3 31-May


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