Ministry of Education awards foreigners to Taiwan for short-term studies

TAFSThe Ministry of Education has set up a Ministry of Education Award to assist foreigners to come to Taiwan for short-term research and encourages foreigners (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau) to come to Taiwan for short-term research, to learn about Taiwan’s culture and society, and to increase exchanges and understanding between China and other countries in the world. 

1. Award project:

  • (1) Doctoral students are NT$25,000 per month and postdoctoral researchers NT$40,000.
    (b) One round of airline tickets for the most direct voyage economy class (the maximum amount of subsidies is regulated by the Ministry of Education).
    (c) The duration of the award is two months to six months.

2, applicant qualifications:

  • (i) Prospective doctoral candidates or postdoctoral researchers who are studying at a foreign university.
    (B) to Taiwan and Taiwan research to the humanities, social sciences, culture, arts and
    research related to its relatively limited.
    (3) The following persons shall not apply:

    • It has the nationality of the Republic of China or the status of an overseas Chinese.
    • He now lives, stays, studies (including internships), teaches or researches in Taiwan.
    • In the past five years, the program has received grants to Taiwan for short-term research.
    • At the same time, he will receive research grants from government agencies or schools in China.
    • During the study period in Taiwan, the exchange students enrolled in the academic cooperation agreements signed between the major university schools in our country and foreign schools.
    • Taiwan research or its related comparative researchers in the fields of natural sciences, medicine, and engineering.

3, other instructions:

4, application date:

  •  Before the end of September each year.


Map Updated: 2016/10/26
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