41 Job Vacancies at International Atomic Energy Agency

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The International Atomic Energy Agency has 41 job vacancies. Click on each opportunity for details and to apply on the job website.

Consultant – Enhancement of Energy Modelling Tools 2018-05-11,
Unit Head (Assessment & Mgnt of Environ)(P5) 2018-06-17,
Team Assistant(G4) 2018-05-30,
Fuel Cycle Facilities Specialist(P4) 2018-06-13,
Safeguards Analyst (Approaches)(P4) 2018-06-11,
IT Support Technician(G5) 2018-05-25,
Head, Seibersdorf Complex Management Section(P5) 2018-06-10,
Scientific Data Manager(P4) 2018-06-10,
Associate Education Officer (Radiation Oncology)(P2) 2018-06-09,
Senior Radiation Safety Specialist (NSRW)(P5) 2018-06-08,
Associate NDA Systems Engineer (NDAI)(P2) 2018-06-04,
Remote Monitoring Software Engineer (SG-RMT)(P4) 2018-06-03,
Nuclear Instrumentation Specialist (spectrometry)(P2) 2018-06-03,
Decommissioning Specialist(P4) 2018-05-31,
Laboratory Documentation Assistant (Analytical) (G3) 2018-05-17,
Supervisor, Facilities Group(G6) 2018-05-17,
Programme Officer – PDS(P4) 2018-05-30,
Administrative and Budget Officer(P3) 2018-06-01,
Nuclear Security Officer (CPPNM)(P3) 2018-05-28,
Associate Quality Assurance Officer(P2) 2018-05-25,
Procurement, Receiving and Inspection Assistant(G3) 2018-05-11,
Translator (Russian)(P3) 2018-05-27,
Associate Web and Outreach Coordinator(P2) 2018-05-26,


Team Leader (SG-PET)(P5) 2018-06-14,
Head, Facilities Management and Engineering Unit(P3) 2018-05-25,


Associate Multimedia Officer(P2) 2018-05-21,
Unattended Monitoring Systems Engineer(P3) 2018-05-17,
Consultant – Experimental studies on marine organisms 2018-05-09,
Programme Coordinator (NE)(P5) 2018-05-16,
IT Software Engineer (TC)(P2) 2018-05-16,
Programme Management Officer(P4) 2018-05-15,
Quality Assurance Engineer(P3) 2018-05-10,
Technical Lead (Managt & Capacity Building)(P5) 2018-05-08,
3E Analyst(P3) 2018-05-08,
Associate Education Officer (NSNS)(P2) 2018-05-11,
Nuclear Security Officer (RCSM)(P3) 2018-05-10,
Nuclear Security Officer (Front End)(P4) 2018-05-10,
Senior Safeguards Technology Expert (Enrichment)(P5) 2018-05-06,
IT Systems Engineer(P3) 2018-05-05,
Expert/Lecturer Technical Cooperation Programme
Schedule & Resource Management Officer (SGIS)(P4)  



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