837 Funded PhD Positions in Different Fields of Studies and Institutions

PhD Studentship in Organic Chemistry: A Radical Translocation Strategy for the Direct Functionalisation of C–H Bonds

Organic Chemistry
University of Nottingham
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 stipend per annum

PhD Studentship: Developing Tools for Precision Horticulture: Manipulating Plant Growth to Reduce In-Field Crop Variability

Crop and Environment Sciences Department
Harper Adams University
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 per annum

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

University of Warwick
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £20,000

PhD Studentship: High-energy Electrode Materials for Next-generation Batteries SCI1813

University of Nottingham
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,600 per annum for 2017/18

PhD Studentship – Weld Repair and in Service Damage in Power Plant Steels

University of Warwick
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,296

PhD Studentship on Sensory Reactivity and Mental Health Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
University of Reading
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 maintenance stipend

PhD Research Fellow in Social Anthropology: Universal Health Coverage and the Public Good in Africa

University of Oslo
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £39,919.94 to £44,853.97 per annum

Research Directorate

Business and Management Research Institute
University of Bedfordshire
Placed on: 16-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 per annum

PhD Studentship: Flaw Tolerance of Cellular Materials in Lightweight Structural Design

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University College London
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £16,834 per annum

ESRC CASE Doctoral Award at the University of Liverpool: ‘Changing Attitudes to Smell in Twentieth-Century British Personal Hygiene’

Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences – School of Histories, Languages and Cultures
University of Liverpool
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £14,553

PhD Scholarship in Phytochemicals

University of Kent
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £14,000 stipend for the initial year in the UK and 30,000 RM each year for the following two years while based in Malaysia

MRes Scholarship: Improving the Forecasting and Inventory Management functions in Carl Kammerling International, an SME in Gwynedd

Bangor Business School
Bangor University
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £11,000 p.a.

PhD Studentship – Developing Fast Interconnection with Fibre Lasers

Aston institute of Photonic Technologies and Microsoft Research Cambridge
Aston University
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 stipend and a fee bursary to cover the home fees rate

PhD Studentship

UCL Division of Medicine – Centre for Nephrology
University College London
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £16,553 per annum

3 Funded PhD Positions in Statistics

Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

2 PhD student positions in sociology in the ERC-project JUSTEMOTIONS

Uppsala University
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentships – School of Social Sciences

University of Dundee
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 annual stipend

PhD Studentship: The Global and the National: South Asian Collectors at the British Museum

University of Brighton and The British Musuem
The British Museum
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 per annum

PhD Studentship: Bioactive Sugars – Sweet Alternatives to Antibiotics (FIELD_J18DART)

School of Chemistry
University of East Anglia
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £17,277 per annum

PhD Studentship: Rapid Metagenomics Based Diagnosis of Childhood Meningitis (OGRADY_U18DART)

Norwich Medical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health
University of East Anglia
Placed on: 15-03-2018 Salary: £17,277 per annum

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