837 Funded PhD Positions in Different Fields of Studies and Institutions

British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence 4-year MRes + PhD studentship

King’s College London
Placed on: 08-03-2018 Salary: £22,278

PhD Studentship in Economics: Economic and Social Impact of Universal Credit

University of Strathclyde
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: £14,000

International Business Fees Scholarship 2018/19

Leeds University Business School
University of Leeds
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Tuition fees at the relevant UK/EU or international rate.

Watt Scholarship in Edinburgh Business School – PhD Opportunity

Heriot-Watt University
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 stipend + tuition fee waiver

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Development of Novel Radiation-grafted Powder Ionomers for use in High Performance Alkali Membrane Fuel Cells.

University of Surrey
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Fees + annual stipend (currently £14,553

PhD Studentship: Research in the Sub-idle Performance of the Next Generation of Large Civil Aero Engines

School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing
Cranfield University
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

Fully Funded PhD Scholarship: Dissociation of Gas Hydrates and Methane Release Under Changing Permafrost Conditions

Department of Geography
Swansea University
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 p.a.

PhD Studentships

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials
Imperial College London
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD in Behavioural Analytics and Interpersonal Cohesion

Lancaster University
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Annual funding to cover UK/EU tuition fees and an ESRC equivalent maintenance grant

PhD Studentships: Interrogating Visions of a Post-Western World: Interdisciplinary and Interregional Perspectives on the Future in a Changing International Order

King’s College London
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: £16,553 p.a. and a research allowance up to £1,200 p.a.

PhD Studentship – Investigating the Effect of Nanoscale Vibration Cues on Bacterial Adhesion

University of Birmingham
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship: Metal-organic frameworks based heterogeneous nanocatalysts: design, synthesis and testing (2018 SEMS PAS)

Queen Mary University of London
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: £16,553 per annum

PhD Studentship: Working Across Boundaries: New Models of Integration and Collaboration across the Pharmacy Workforce in Greater Manchester

Health Services Research Centre
The University of Manchester
Placed on: 07-03-2018 Salary: Please see advert for funding details

PhD Studentship – Health in Sub-Saharan Africa: The (Neglected) Role of Attitudes and Demography

Department of Economics
University of Strathclyde
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 stipend + Home/International fee.

PhD Studentship: On-Chip Single-Photon Sources for Quantum Information Technology Applications

University of Southampton
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 per annum

Research Associate Scheme – Academic Year 2018-2019

Clare College
University of Cambridge
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship: Automated Identification of Auxiliary Faults and Divergent Behaviour in Large Power Transformers

University of Southampton
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £14,553 per annum

PhD Studentship: Electrical Materials for Power Transformers

University of Southampton
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 per annum

PhD Studentship: Evaluating the Impact of a Programme Aiming to Improve Aspirations and Attainment in Schools

University of Surrey
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: please see advert for funding details

Postgraduate Scholarship in Discover of Therapeutic Sequence-Defined Polymers

School of Physical Sciences & School of Biosciences
University of Kent
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: Tuition fees + stipend (currently £14,553)

Postgraduate Scholarship in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

School of Physical Sciences
University of Kent
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: Tuition fees + stipend (currently £14,553)

PhD Studentship: Augmented Reality for Information Visualisation in Fusion Plant Monitoring and Operations

Computer Science
University of Bristol
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £17,948 p.a. subject to confirmation and eligibility status

PhD Studentship: Cyber Security

Southampton Cyber Security Academy (CSA)
University of Southampton
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: up to £22,000 per year, plus full tuition fees.

PhD Studentship: Light confinement in Disordered Photonic Crystals as an Alternative Platform for Quantum Photonics

University of Southampton
Placed on: 06-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 per annum

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