837 Funded PhD Positions in Different Fields of Studies and Institutions


Photo credit: University of Duisburg-Essen


Below are 837 funded PhD positions in different fields of studies and institutions. Click on each position for details and to apply.  At the end of each page, in order to continue to the next page, click on the page numbers below the related posts link.

Research Associate (PhD position) in the Research Project “Profiles of Competence Development in Secondary School”

Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship

Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Researcher

Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Duisburg-Essen
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship (3 years) – Manufacturing Process Selection Integrated in Product Design

School of Engineering and Applied Science – Mechanical Engineering & Design Academic Group
Aston University
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

Two PhD Candidate Positions: Social-Cognitive Development in Infancy (1.0 FTE)

FSW/Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Radboud University Nijmegen
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £23,634.41 to £30,207.80

PhD: Giving Voice to Children in Family-centred Work: Co-producing an Evaluation Framework for the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Programme

Sociological Studies In collaboration with the Race Equality Foundation
University of Sheffield
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £14,777

PhD Studentship: Biomechanics of skull growth in children with craniosynostosis

UCL Mechanical Engineering
University College London
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £17,500 per annum

PhD Studentship: Addressing Smokeless Tobacco in South Asia (PhD2018ASTRA)

Department of Health Sciences
University of York
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £14,777 stipend + tuition fees

PhD studentship in Science Studies: A History of Audience Thinking at the Science Museum, 1950-2016

Department of Science and Technology Studies
University College London
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £17,000 p. a. stipend, plus tuition fees

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Diamond Science and Technology

University of Warwick
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £14,553

White Rose Doctoral Training Centre, ESRC Collaborative Studentship

Journalism Studies
University of Sheffield
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £14,777

PhD Studentship: Developing Green and Efficient Final Mile Logistics Strategies

Transportation Group
University of Southampton
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship: Flaw tolerance of cellular materials in lightweight structural design

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University College London
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £16,834 per annum

PhD Studentship: Bottom-Up Creation of an Enzyme for the Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction

School of Chemistry – Chemical Biology Section
The University of Manchester
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Funding will cover tuition fees, travel, and enhanced stipend.

PhD Studentship: Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute – Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training in My Life in Data

Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £16,800 per annum

PhD Studentship – Designing Step Changes in Alloy Ductility via Novel Fabrication Routes

School of Metallurgy & Materials
University of Birmingham
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: Not specified.

PhD Studentship: Thinking Forward through the Past: The History of Lameness in British Livestock Farming, c1947-2001

Department of History
King’s College London
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: £22,278 to £26,057

PhD Studentship: Biomethanisation of CO2 for Energy Storage and Efficient Carbon Conversion

Water and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
University of Southampton
Placed on: 26-03-2018 Salary: The funding covers EU/UK fees and stipend in line with EPSRC rates

EPSRC I-CASE PhD Studentship – Semiconductor and Circuit Modelling Methods for Next Generation RF Protection Devices

Physics & Astronomy
University of Nottingham
Placed on: 25-03-2018 Salary: £14,553

Fully funded PhD Studentship in the Relationship between Ventilation and Air Quality, Noise and Overheating Risk in New Homes

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL Energy Institute
University College London
Placed on: 23-03-2018 Salary: £18,285 maximum annual stipend

PhD Studentship – Heritage in the Cross-Fire: Ballistic-Impact Driven Stone Deterioration

 University of the West of England, Bristol
Placed on: 23-03-2018 Salary: £14,296 maintenance allowance + Home/EU rate fee bursary.

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