Six Funded 2018 Postgraduate Research Opportunities at Leicester University, UK

Following similar competitions during previous academic sessions, the School of Business is delighted to be able to offer six studentships.


  • The Studentship comprises a stipend of £14,777  plus a fee waiver (H/EU/International) for three years.
  • This award covers full-time fee waiver at  UK/EU or International rates depending on applicant status.
  • The successful applicants are also entitled to a Research Training Support Grant of £750 per annum to finance their research activities as appropriate.
  • Studentship holders are full-time campus based postgraduate students registered for a PhD at the University of Leicester. They receive a stipend over a period of three years. Please note that Studentship holders are not formally contracted to assist with teaching or research during this period.

Continuation of the PhD research award is subject to:

1.        Satisfactory six-monthly PhD progress meetings or reports. The student will be required to produce a retrospective and prospective written report for these meetings. Their supervisors will be asked to comment on the progress the student has made over the preceding period, and their plans for the next six months.

2.        The student will be required to successfully complete the mandatory University Probation Review after twelve months of registration.

Application Advice:

All applicants must submit:

1.        a completed online postgraduate application form

2.        a PhD research proposal of no more than 4000 words.

3.        a 750 word Personal Statement

      • Why you are interested in the Studentship funding, with emphasis on how the financial assistance provided by this funding will enable you to undertake a PhD with the School of Business.
      • Applicants should state how they would make an interesting contribution to their field of study.
      • Applicants whose statement does not conform to the expectations outlined above, will not be considered for shortlisting.

4.        CV

5.        two references (preferably from academic institutions) either upload reference letters or add the contact
details of referees when prompted.

6.        copies of your degree transcripts and certificates from your first (Bachelors) and second degree (Masters)

7.        evidence of English language capabilities where required if applicable

How to Apply:

Submit your application using our online application sytem

  • Click on the Online Application Form link – in drop down menu select: Campus based Full Time / Management Research / September 2018 and follow the prompts.
  • In the Funding section of the online application form select Studentship and  state you wish to be considered for the School of Business Studentship 2018.
  • In order to submit the 750 Word Statement you need to click on the “Personal Statement” tab.  Please upload the statement as a WORD or PDF document.

Fully completed applications submitted by the closing date of Midnight 25 March 2018 will be considered. We cannot consider late applications.

All applicants should allow a minimum of four weeks after the closing date for an application to be considered – if we require additional information we will contact you by email. All short-listed applicants will be interviewed for suitability. Interviews are provisionally scheduled for mid-April 2018. For applicant’s living outside of the UK interviews may be by Skype.

The award decision will be based on the following criteria:

1. availability of supervision within the School of Business

2. qualifications (including English language capability)

3. quality and strength of proposed PhD project

4. references

5. financial need

6. performance at interview

7. the likelihood of the student completing within the maximum registration period

8. clear indication of professional development benefits

9. presence at the School of Business and contribution to the research we are doing in the School

10. Consolidate or expand current capacity at the School of Business

The procedure for consideration of applications is as follows:

1.        Screening of applications by the Postgraduate Research Committee to ensure all documents are in place, that all entry requirements are met and that the proposal is of a viable standard. Guidance is sought from other members of academic faculty at this stage if necessary. Applications may be rejected at this stage, in particular if the proposal does not meet our specifications or standards or if the statement is unsatisfactory.

2.        Consideration of applications which pass previous stage by the Postgraduate Research Committee. Potential supervisors will be identified for applications. Applications may be rejected at this stage, if the proposal is deemed not to be of a high enough quality and/or if the panel are unable to identify potential supervisors for the applicant.

3.        Distribution to faculty members in the relevant disciplinary area/s to explore potential supervision. Applications may be rejected at this stage if the proposal is deemed to be inadequate by these disciplinary experts or there is insufficient supervision available. In order to progress a candidate to interview at least two members of faculty must have suggested they may be able to supervise the student. Please also note that at this stage we may indicate that we cannot progress your application for one of the funded PhD research opportunities but we can consider you for the PhD programme without any offer of funding. This would still involve an interview if you wished to pursue your application.

4. Invitation for interview. Interviews will involve members of the Postgraduate Research Committee and at least one potential supervisor.

5.        A decision about applications will follow the completion of all interviews. This decision will be taken by the Director of the PhD Programme with the Postgraduate Research Committee and the Dean of School, based on written feedback from the members of the interview panels for each applicant. Confirmation of supervisory arrangements also takes place at this point, where relevant. Some applicants may be rejected at this stage. Some applicants will not be offered a funded PhD research opportunity but may still be offered a non-funded place on the PhD programme. It is then of course their decision whether to accept or not as no funding will be available from the School for their studies.

The decision of the interview panel and the Postgraduate Research Committee is final and the School of Business will not enter into correspondence unless it is able to offer you an award.  Formal decisions will be sent by email from our Admissions Office.

Enquiries to School of Business

Application enquiries to PGR Admissions

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