The Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation Scholarship for Visual Art Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

The Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation was created in 2001 to provide financial support to visual arts students from the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America wishing to pursue Bachelor or Master studies at ECAV.
Candidates are selected by professors and heads of ECAV partner institutions on the aforementioned continents (Wits University of Johannesburg, Funda College in Soweto; the Rockston Artists Collective Artists Studio part of the Triangle Arts Trust in Lusaka, Zambia, Pro Helvetia Office, etc.), as well as by a panel comprising ECAV professors and members of the Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation.

Grants are awarded on the basis of candidates’ artistic merit and cover Bachelor (Fine Arts) and Master (Master of Arts in Public Spheres) programs.

Candidates applying for a Wyss grant for the Bachelor program must be under the age of 30.

Applications must contain the following documents:
Application form duly completed
Application form for the Bachelor program or the Master program
covering letter
letter of recommendation from a professor or head of an art institution.
Curriculum vitae
A portfolio of recent artistic work
Copies of qualifications (school-leaving certificate, recognized baccalaureate)
Copy of passport
1 passport photo
For enrolment on the Master (MAPS), candidates must in addition provide:
a copy of the Bachelor degree from a school of art
a research project (1 page) having a connection with the public sphere
Documents must be sent no later than March 29th, 2018 for the Bachelor program and April 10th , 2018 for the Master program by email to the following address:

The Wyss grant covers tuition fees, accommodation, equipment costs and day-to-day expenses. It is awarded for one year and is renewable based on one of the student’s satisfactory results.

At the end of their studies, beneficiaries must compile a dossier containing text and images of their work for the School, and submit an original work for inclusion in the Hans-Joerg Wyss Foundation collection. Should a serious problem arise during studies, ECAV may decide to terminate the grant agreement.

The quality of teaching and supervision at ECAV and the Bachelor or Master degrees students obtain help them make the transition to the professional world of the arts.

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