Youth Engagement in UN Climate Change Processes Scholarship

Young people around the world are actively engaged in the effort to address climate change, leading and participating in a multitude of initiatives at the local, sub-national, national, and international levels. Their strong commitment to working on this issue has also motivated them to participate at international climate negotiations since the first sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (UN Climate Change). Civil Society is represented within UN Climate Change processes by nine constituencies: youth, women and gender, indigenous, business, and others.

AYF Scholarships

About 40 young people from the countries of the Global South, will receive ACE Youth Forum Scholarships, which include complete funding and relevant support for effective participation in the ACE Youth Forum. We would be very pleased to receive your application for a scholarship! Right below, you can find the major benefits provided through ACE Youth Forum Scholarships:

All expenses covered for participation in the ACE Youth Forum on 29 April 2018 in Bonn, Germany

The selected youths will have all their costs covered – including costs for all international and domestic flight tickets, costs of accommodation for about 3 days, visa application fee, cost for travel insurance, food, local transport and additional expenses during the stay in Bonn.

Share your experiences and raise your voice at the international level:

As a young person who cares about climate change, you may have gathered experiences worth sharing. Participation in the UN Climate Change process allows you to raise your concerns about how climate change threatens current and future generations, and also how it affects front-line communities now. As a delegate to the Forum you get the opportunity to shape the views being brought into the international decision-making process and connect and engage with YOUNGO, the official youth constituency to UN Climate Change. By participating in the ACE Youth Forum, you will meet fellow young people working in similar fields as you! You will have the opportunity to get connected, exchange knowledge, and build networks you can use and contribute to for work on your initiative.

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