30 New Openings at the International Atomic Energy Agency


There are currently 30 new openings at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Click on each opportunity for details on the official job website.

Position Location Closing date
Consultancy – Project Manager/Technical Lead (Software Engineer) Austria-Vienna 2018-02-26
Procurement Officer(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-04-02
Strategic Planning Officer(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-05
Team Assistant(G4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-15
Authorizing Programme Management Assistant(G6) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-14
Team Assistant(G4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-14
Nuclear Engineer (INPRO Methodology)(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-27
Country Officer Assistant(G6) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-13
Library Assistant(G4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-13
ERP Oracle Functional (HR) Austria-Vienna 2018-02-26
Team Assistant(G4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-09
Nuclear Security Officer (Equipment and Instrumentation)(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-11
Nuclear Safety Officer(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-25
Translator (French)(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-19
Senior Systems and Infrastructure Architect(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-18
Senior Nuclear Safety Officer(P5) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-18
Classification Officer(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-15
Radiation Oncologist(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-16
HR Service Centre Coordinator and Quality Assurance(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-14
Technical Lead (Research Reactor Infrastructure Development)(P5) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-09
Nuclear Safety Officer(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-11
NDA Technician(G6) Austria-Vienna 2018-02-22
Programme Management Officer(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-06
Learning and Development Officer(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-02
Director (SGIS)(D1) Austria-Vienna 2018-03-04
Team Leader (Micro-particle Analysis)(P5) Austria 2018-03-04
NDA Systems Engineer(P3) Austria-Vienna 2018-02-28
Radioactive Waste Management Specialist(P4) Austria-Vienna 2018-02-21
Talent Pipeline for Human Health Professionals and Experts Austria 2018-03-31
Expert/Lecturer Technical Cooperation Programme  


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