19 Vacancies at European Central Bank

A total of 19 job openings currently exist at the European Central Bank. Click on each opportunity for details on the Bank website

Open positions Deadline
Deputy Director General International & European RelationsInternational & European Relations 5 Feb 2018
Traineeships in the Directorate General FinanceFinance 5 Feb 2018
Legal Counsel, Supervisory Law DivisionLegal Services 5 Feb 2018
European Internal Audit – Traineeship ProgrammeInternal Audit 6 Feb 2018
CAFM system administrator in the Facility Management Business Support SectionAdministration 7 Feb 2018
Senior Facility Management AssistantAdministration 8 Feb 2018
Head of the External Statistics & Sector Accounts DivisionStatistics 12 Feb 2018
Lawyer-Linguist with English as main languageLegal Services 12 Feb 2018
Head of Section in Crisis Management Policy and Cooperation SectionMicro-Prudential Supervision IV 13 Feb 2018
Adviser in the Crisis Management DivisionMicro-Prudential Supervision IV 13 Feb 2018
Senior Communications Specialist, Currency Development DivisionBanknotes 14 Feb 2018
Internal Models Supervisor (Market Risk and Counterparty Credit Risk)Micro-Prudential Supervision IV 14 Feb 2018
Traineeship and PhD traineeship in the field of horizontal banking supervisionMicro-Prudential Supervision IV 15 Feb 2018
Supervision Analysts in Microprudential Supervision III or IVMicro-Prudential Supervision III 16 Feb 2018
Traineeships for Translators – Bulgarian, Spanish, Estonian, Croatian, Latvian, Dutch or PolishCommunications 19 Feb 2018
Student Research Assistant – Traineeship ProgrammeResearch 19 Feb 2018
Environmental Sustainability Expert in BanknotesBanknotes 19 Feb 2018
Budget Partners, Budgeting & Controlling DivisionFinance 20 Feb 2018
Senior Management Assistant in Market OperationsMarket Operations 20 Feb 2018



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